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Another long post, that will likely completely overshadow the original long post of the evening

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 25, 2007

Backstory:  A thread came up in my knitting group about this story. (It’s a story about a 60 year-old woman who underwent in vitro fertilization and had twins by c-section.)   A lot of responders to the story on the e-mail thread expressed outrage, many said ‘if I do this, please someone talk me out of it’ (although not in such subtle terms).  A lot of responders opined in several different ways about this particular story.  I feel impelled to say something about this; I can’t really say why.  This story just jumped up and slapped me in the face, and reminded me in no uncertain terms that I don’t know Jack sometimes about the way the Lord works, and that He works in mysterious ways.   Sorry if this sounds preachy, or Pollyanna.  I don’t intend it to.  But even as I was writing my first impressions about this news story, God and the Holy Spirit was/were working on me, and my heart has changed.  Bible verses came rapid-fire into my head one after another as I wrote out my own opinions of this blessed event, and when I have scripture memory moments that disagree (loudly) with my thoughts on a subject, then I tend to have conflict in my heart, and I shut up and listen, and consider His Truths.  In an hour, my tone and response to this story changed from one of outrage at the gall of modern medicine to one of concern, to one of tenderness towards the babies, and, if not 100% acceptance of the whole idea, then at least faith that God has this all in hand, as He has all of us in hand, and that He’ll bring this event to His glory. Please don’t flame.  I don’t deny your right to have an opinion that differs from mine, but I don’t also intend to leave hateful comments up on *my* blog.  I will support debate, but not hatefulness. I’m not trying to be on a moral high-horse or be sanctimonious, or even be a goody-two-shoes.  But maybe God put it on their hearts to have these babies because these babies will somehow have a special purpose in all our lives. 


I believe that all babies are gifts from God, and I hope the best for all of them.  If God hadn’t intended for those kids to be born, the lady would have miscarried, and that would have been sad, but for His Glory too.  I think this whole family needs to just be wrapped in prayer.  The parents, the grown-up- kids (this 60-year old couple has grown children, a son (33), and daughter (29)), the kid-kid (the 6-yo son), the babies, all of them.  As far as what she’s saying about society being accepting?  …. That’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax, and I’m not touching it.  I could point out that society wasn’t particularly accepting of Jesus, either…(wasn’t then, isn’t now, by and large).  I could point out that society has a lot of flaws, and the only opinion she needs to be concerned about is God’s, and that she should be trying to carry out His will for her life. I’m not defending her actions, I (personally) think they were more than a little nuts, to undergo something like in vitro fertilization and c-section at 60, but what do I know?  God’s ways are higher than my ways, and He knows the plans He has for these newest additions, and for all of us.  Welcome, babies.  I hope you grow up and do wonderful things in His name and for His Glory. (Some verses I thought of: Jeremiah 29:11, and also that verse where Jesus is talking to the disciples and basically warning them, saying, ‘they’re going to [hate] you, but they [hated] Me first.’ (Serious paraphrase there). 

All that said, I’m 26, and the idea of being pregnant now, in this season of my life, when many if not most of my friends who are my age are getting married (or have been married a couple years already), and are thinking and talking about starting their families makes me very uneasy (I’m not a terribly nurturing, motherly type, and I don’t even really want kids of my own, because I don’t feel like I’d be a good mother to them, and  thinking about having a family at this point is really putting the cart before the horse, considering that I’ve never even had a boyfriend that lasted longer than 7 months.) So the idea of having babies at 60 (and at going to such lengths to do it) seems utterly nuts to me.  But all of that’s in God’s hands, so I’m just going to knit on, and pray on, and leave the driving to God.  In the words of Tiny Tim, “God Bless us, every one!”.

 P.S.  Carey, if you’re reading, the pics of A.J. are adorable; thanks for sending them.



One Response to “Another long post, that will likely completely overshadow the original long post of the evening”

  1. AlisonH said

    I’m with you on how God can use all things to His purposes. I do disagree with what the couple did, but, as you rightly point out, the babies are here. They will probably be followed by the media over and over in their lives because of the actions of their parents, and if they are good people they might be able to bring more light into the world. Let us hope. If nothing else, they will know that their very lives were–well, a gift for them to be grateful for, definitely not one to be taken for granted.

    I can see why their grown daughter was so upset, though; after all, if her parents die, guess who’s most likely to be stuck with such a huge responsibility, unasked for?

    I would add one more thing, though–as for having the patience to raise children, trust me, it’s on-the-job training. It does come.

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