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Knitting content…edness? (Long and a little picture-heavy)

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 24, 2007

The Knitting Question of the Week on DFWChickswithSticks is: What method or technique are you wanting to try out? This began as my reply to that e-mail, but I realized they were wanting a more condensed answer, and I’m longing to just talk a little bit about knitting, because I haven’t gotten to do much of it lately, and I miss it, and I miss my SNB friends, and …. I miss it. I’m lonely for knitting. So here’s my reply, complete with links and pictures:

At the risk of sounding like a whiny emo kid (redundant phrase, I know), I just want a good big block of knitting time. A Big Block. But that said, at this point I’ll take anything. And tonight I did. I escaped to YNS for about and hour, ogled and fondled, and even knitted a bit of ribbing on Mom’s socks! I treated myself with a Sonic #1 burger and a Cherry Limeade (I’m trying to get 100% off sodas and I’m trying to be very disciplined about my spending, so I didn’t buy any yarn. I just ogled and fondled.), and once I got home (and consulted with my knitting buddy, who told me (and reminded me about the method of what I did on Sock 1 to get a loose cast-off) on a toe-up sock), I cast off Mom’s 2nd sock! See? (Socks are modeled on my zaftig larger feet – she wears a 7-8, I wear an 8-9, and these pics were taken at night, and my feet tend to swell a little, so they look a little tight on me. They are a little tight on me, and the toe-box doesn’t fit me quite right. But they’re not for me, so it’s okay.)

Mom Socks 1 Mom Socks 2

( My ankles look weird in these pictures – I’m standing, bent over at the waist, taking the pictures up-side down. I corrected the photos to be right-side up. I’m just canted at a jaunty angle, trying to take a picture of socks on feet, since the feet they’re intended for are across town and probably asleep at this point. Don’t worry, my ankles are okay in general. :-D)

Specs: Method of construction: toe-up on 4 DPNs, using Wendy’s Generic Toe-Up sock pattern/recipe, found here

Knit with Fleece Artist Sock Yarn, in Cosmic Dawn

Using Crystal Palace Bamboo DPNs, sz US 2 1/2 (2.75 mm?)

Factoid – I wound the yarn all into one ball and knit one sock from the outside and one sock from the center, and this is how they turned out. Hand Dyed Yarns. Lovely, but guaranteed to make fraternal twin socks.

Pattern Mods: I cast on for the large size (64 st), and then after completing the toe, decreased down at the sides using a K2tog, K1 or K1, SSK (depending on which side) down to the smaller/narrower 56-stitch size after completing the toe. (Mom has special feet.) After she tried the first one on, she said that they fit like they were custom-made for her. Well, they were!

Mom Socks 3 Short Rowed Heel

Check out that short-row heeled goodness!

It’s bittersweet to see these come off the needles. They’ve been a little mainstay for me in this ongoing turmoil of moving whatnot, and a comfort. But that said, she’ll be thrilled to have them on her feet, and I’ll get to work on some stuff for me (Like Circumnavigate, which hasn’t seen light of day in a while).

As far as new techniques I’d like to try: I’m going to play the lace card. I want to learn to read both written lace instructions, as well as charted. When I look at the charts they just seem to melt and move in front of my eyes. Yarn-overs don’t stay where they ought, decreases don’t stack up properly… It’s a bugger. I knitted a scarf for my grandmother, the Branching Out Scarf from Knitty, some time ago, and it’s a 10-row repeat with an approx 19(?) stitch pattern (there are border stitches on either side), and my saving grace was that it was in mohair, so she couldn’t see my (many) mistake– okay, I might have tinked back and reknitted every most of my mistakes…. What? I’m finicky – I want gifts to be perfect, and especially for my Mema! In any case, I did learn to ‘read’ my knitting pretty well in that period, even if the [token] chart swam in front of my eyes, and also to memorize pattern repeats, and I learned to read written instructions, but not as well as I’d like, and I really do want to improve my chart-reading, since the Seraphim lace is all charted.

Branching Out Branching out - Growth and Improvement Branching Out - Yarn Close-up Branching out Blocking Detail

I’m actually in the midst of a shawl, the Seraphim Shawl (by Miriam Felton, of Icarus fame); and I knitted the first row of the first chart, and purled back, and then put it down. Even the simple YO, K2tog (or SSK, depending on which side of the center line I was on) was making my head swim, and I have 3 more charts to go on that. It’s a pretty involved project for a lace-beginner like myself, which was part of why I put it down, but I just… The pattern called out to me, and there’s this cool passage in Isaiah that describes the Seraphim – flaming angels with six wings, two covering the feet, two the eyes, and the other two flying, shouting ‘Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty! The whole earth is full of His Glory!’ (this is a paraphrase, but it’s in the very beginning parts of the book of Isaiah.)

I found this amazing ‘flaming’ yellow, orange and red yarn that basically jumped into my Knitpicks basket and got shipped to me, that said – make us Seraphim. And I said ‘ok’. And so I started to work. Once I realized how very beyond the scope of my knitting skills it was, I put it down for a while, knowing that I’ll get back to it when the time is right, and I can do both the yarn and the shawl justice. I’m wondering now if the yarn is right for the project, because it’s wildly variegated (see pics) and variegated yarn with lace tends to obscure one or the other. (The Colors or the Lace). In any case, I’m going to try and soldier on with it, and hope for the best. Maybe I’ll get a crazy pooling thing going on, as the shawl continually increases in size until I bind off. We’ll see. Details at Ten. Here’s a pic of Seraphim, from a while back, to refresh the memory cells:

PICT0049 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Anyway, that’s the news that is. Packing is still… going. I’m going to go to bed tonight – I had a tough day at the office, and I’m pretty drained. I’ll pick up the packing tomorrow night, and likely finish – Crunch Time!)

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