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Posted by Miss Knotty on May 23, 2007

Is maybe not so much fun.  Sorry for the lack of visual content.  I haven’t had a lot worth taking pictures of lately, and my last pictures were … Rated-R attempts at subtle visual jokes weren’t suitable for mixed company.  But they were funny to me.

My apartment is a barely-navigable pile of boxes.   I can’t find anything in here. My knitting is in the closet, untouched for days weeks, ostensibly because I’m packing boxes.  Actually because I’m sitting here reading emails and blogging when I should be packing boxes.

In good news, I did make a fantastic Goodwill Run, getting rid of six (6) bags of clothing I never wear,  and other various apartment stuff I no longer use. (The guys from my Sunday School Rocked My World on this one.  I asked for help carrying this stuff all down the stairs and getting it to Goodwill, one said, ‘Hey sure’, and 4 showed up.  It was literally all done in like 20 minutes, including drive time and unloading.  If it had been just me, I’d still be carrying stuff downstairs, 4 days later.  I’m totally in their debt.  All of them.  They’re my heroes.)

In good news: I’ve got the movers set up for Saturday afternoon.  They’re providing Wardrobe Boxes for stuff that’s hanging up, which is awesome, and they’re shrink-wrapping everything with drawers, so I don’t have to unload them. Woot!

So, what’s left, I hear you cry?

My current list of “left to go”:

Mema’s China – I had planned to pack this among the first of things, but it just kept getting put off, mostly because I’m paranoid about breaking it.  Course, it has managed to survive 50+ years without getting broken, so maybe I should just do it.

Kitchen “essentials” (I.e. my George Foreman grill), and non-perishable foodstuff, of which there is little.

Bathroom  (which I think will actually ‘pack up’ into the garbage can for transport (the cleaning products, etc).  There’s not a lot of boxing up to do in there, since the towels are going to be impressed into service as packing materials for Mema’s China, and the cleaning stuff will stay until after I do the major clean on Sunday/Monday to maybe get my deposit back.  Stay tuned.

My desk.  This one keeps getting me.  B/c it means I have to pack up my paperwork, and do some major throwing away/shredding.  I did a day of marathon shredding/throwing away recently, and all I really have left now is the very recent mail/junk mail/credit card offers (credit card companies, could you Puh-LEASE knock it off with the credit card offers?  They all end up in the shredder anyway, and it’s getting kinda full. )

Board Games collection, which has dwindled substantially.  I’ve gotten rid of all but my most favorite board games, and a game I want to try, called 1000 blank white cards.  I think this game would be fun to play, but I can’t seem to get a group interested.  Maybe someday, if I’m a very good girl, I’ll meet someone who has played it before, and they will let me play with them.

Knitting Mags/patterns  (admittedly, there are a lot of these, but they’re fairly well-contained.  I have two 3-ring binders and one big giant thingy (with a zipper!) with page protectors for the loose stuff, and the mags are… well, they’re mags, but I’m certainly not throwing them out! I see too many e-mails with ‘does anybody have the ______ issue of ______?  I’m looking for ______ pattern.


Part of my problem with this process, and thus why I’ve taken so blooming long to do it, is because it’s a lonely job. I’m here, alone in my apartment, putting all of my things in boxes.  Looking at all the things I’ve made, and things I’ve intended to make, and things I’ve unmade and remade, and I keep thinking to myself what a bunch of junk!   Man, I’ve got/made some neat stuff, and noone ever sees it, because I never invite anyone over.  (It is difficult to entertain in a 3rd Floor apartment with very limited parking.  Plus it’s all, always messy. Not unhygienic, but just…. I don’t know, cluttered.  I’m certainly not the best housekeeper.  It’s suitable for me and the girls, (my kitters don’t seem to mind the clutter), but I’d be embarrassed to have company over with things as they are.  So here it all is.  Just looking at me.  Waiting for me to pack it up and move it to the new place, or throw it away.  Some of it’s funny, some of it’s crafty, some of it’s tragic crafty, and some of it’s useful ….crafty.  But it’s all here.   And it’s all mine.

And so I continue on. Packing.

Sorry to be a gloomy gus.  I’m in a gloomy place right now.  I’ll perk up in a few days, when I’m moved in and not hiking up and down stairs. I’ve gotten to where I really, really hate stairs.  Even empty-handed.  I loathe them.  I’m thinking it’s because I’ll be safe away from them before long, and I’m anticipating this with great jubilation. That said – I still have a few more trips up and down.

Off I go.


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