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Posted by Miss Knotty on May 10, 2007

In a world where everything seems ephemeral,

in a world where everything is here today, gone tomorrow

in a world where I’m only here for a *snap*, as I’m reminded by my Sunday School Teacher and the History Channel,

I had a moment of respite from the ever flowing tide of tempus that is eddying all around me and (sometimes) pulling me along for the ride.

I found out today that my official “permanent” date (not this kind of permanent) will be May 16, 2007.   Which is kinda neat.  But at the same time, a little bit daunting.  I feel like I should set that day apart somehow; celebrate in some little way…

But what is a good celebration for this?  Blowing a paycheck on something totally frivolous is COMPLETELY out of the question, since things will likely be VERY tight until FOR-FREAKING-EVER.  I thought maybe setting aside a little (very little) money for the Renaissance Bead Show on the weekend to follow might be the ticket – But I suspect that the move is going to be sucking up what money I have for a time, and until I get the ‘new payment schedule’ figured out, things are going to be a little wonky.  Maybe I can celebrate around Labor Day with a new(er) car?….

Printing out a bunch of free patterns off the Internet?  Well, I’ll probably do that anyway, so that won’t really set the day apart, will it?

Starting a new project? Ooooh that might be fun, but I already have a gorzillion UFOs, and I’d like to actually finish a few. (Hee, I just heard a collective gasp in my head.) So that’s out.

So, suggestions on how I might cheaply mark the date that I go permanent?


2 Responses to “Permanence”

  1. lise said

    I finally made it over here!! love you blog! you do a great job! To mark the date you go permanent – you should DYE SOME YARN. It is cheap and easy!! use Kool Aid dye and buy some inexpensive wool. Make sure it is natural fiber because that takes the dye best. You can get it at local shops.

  2. lise said

    heck – I would even donate some for that for you!

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