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Upset tummies and messy apartments

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 9, 2007

Sometimes I come home from work, and unlock the door, open it, turn on the light, the cats do the squinty-squinty, and I want to just close the door, relock it, and walk back away, and then come back, re-unlock the door, and turn the light on again, and maybe, just maybe the apartment will be magically pristine and well-decorated, and there’ll be no piles of boxes in various states of construction and piles of boxes that have been filled and taped and set aside, and the walls haven’t been divested of kitschy whatnot that’s been accumulated over time and is an interesting look into my personality and interests. Ah. But not tonight.

So I come home, unlock the door, turn on the light, the cats do the squinty squinty, and then yow and lead me around to all the places where they urped today. that’s right, plac-es, up to and INCLUDING on TOP of my HAND-PAINTED coffee table. On top, people. Ew. EW EW EWEEWWWW!!! But wait, it gets better – the table? The one I spent so much time hand-painting? It isn’t finished. That’s acrylic paint. No varnish on top.
table detail There’s a ‘water mark’ on the top of the table where it was. EW. And it’s there. On my table. In perpetuity (hah. Per-PET-tuity. Pardon the pun.) I have to laugh now. I must. Else I will WEEP for the loss of all the hours that I spent painting that table. All the time spent on my knees on the floor, bent over the table with a tiny little brush, filling in the edges of hand-traced circular saw blades, painting in each tiny tooth edge crisp and straight. It was my exercise in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Jill would say. I spent over 40 hours (not in a row) on my knees around that table, painting in the little sawteeth, mixing colors that would coordinate, painting in careful little circles around the centers of EVERY SINGLE SAWBLADE… Tabletop skirting 4 skirting 3 skirting 2 skirting 1 Yeah, I’m obsessing. I’m not really that upset. I’m more bummed that one of my kitties has an upset tummy. I think I know which one it is too, she’s been rather chatty lately, and lazier than usual…. Yeah. So I’m thinking I’m going to have to take her to the kitty doc here soon. Not sure what she’s done, but she seems testy, and a little more lethargic than lazy. This is upsetting. I can’t think about this right now. I need to go to bed. Before I get an upset tummy.

Someone tell me something funny. Please?


2 Responses to “Upset tummies and messy apartments”

  1. Liz G. said

    C’mon creative girl – you can figure out a good name for that colorway – tell people it’s a design element. :)

  2. Tasha said

    Awww, that’s awful. That table really is cool. Something funny? You can go read my blog entry dated May 8 – at least I think it’s funny :D

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