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Today by the numbers:

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 6, 2007

Churches attended: 1

New visitors met: 3  (Jake, Lezlie, & Nathan)

Stitches knitted: 0(!)

Naps taken: 1

Knitting Patterns printed off e-mail or the Internet: 2 (sheepish grin)

Boxes Packed: 4

Blisters received from sandals not suitable for hiking across church campuses: 2 (ouch!)

Trips to car to bring up more boxes: 2

Tanks of gas filled: 1

Loads of laundry washed while packing boxes: 2

Bills paid on time: 3

Corrections made to prior blog entry: 3 or 4.

Realizations that tomorrow is May 7 and I have 19 days until the move, and thus had better start packing faster than 4 boxes/day if I want to have all this ready for movers for the weekend before May 31: how many constitute several?

Other realizations:

Next weekend is Mother’s Day;

The weekend after that is Renaissance Bead Show in Grapevine;

The weekend after that is THE MOVE.  EEEEEEK!!!!! ;

I have to get my car fixed (again) – I don’t want to discuss it. It’s a small fix, but a hassle.  Le sigh.

Things I also need to do:

File my change of address form and notify the apt. office of my new address; move my phone/internet service, call my electric provider, and insurance company of my new address; find a mover (after a detailed cost-benefits analysis on this matter, I have discerned that hiring movers is the far less costly choice in the long run than trying to entreat friends to help me move out of a 3rd floor apartment, and all my stuff’ll be insured.  Yeeeaaahh! (Starving Students movers did a really good job the last time, I’ll probably call them again – they were fast, polite, and didn’t complain, even at the idea of moving into a 3rd floor apartment in the heat of an August morning.)   I think this go-round will be that much faster, since it’s out of a 3rd floor and into a 1st.  I still can’t decide on whether to move my comfy couch, and she already has a dining room table, so I don’t know what I’ll be doing with mine.  I also have a lot of throwing away to do, and some charitable giving. (meaning, I have clothes I haven’t worn in muy longtime and should be given/thrown away.)


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