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My balls are small….

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 5, 2007

Check out this box of yarn:
Yarnbox 1 Yarnbox 2

Pretty full eh?

Now look – I’ve been packing:
three guesses

And, to finish:

My fridge, divested of its prior glory (and apparently in need of a washdown – ick!)
Stuff gone from my fridge

But don’t worry, I’ve been knitting too:
Entrelac Scarf Fabric String progress Entrelac XCU

Look what else I found:
Crochet Afghan of olde This is a very old project – one of the very first fiber arts projects I ever undertook – and an ambitious one at that – an afghan wide enough for two out of Red Heart yarn crocheted in Double Crochet stitch. It was abandoned out of sheer boredom. That said, I may pick it up, if I can figure a way to finish it out quickly – it is a quite big thing at this point, so I could conceivably finish it and have it ready for use…. sometime. But how to finish it? I’ll have to puzzle over this tomorrow. It’s to bed for me now. Goodnight!


3 Responses to “My balls are small….”

  1. AlisonH said

    What are the dimensions on the afghan? If it’s of any value, I’ve found that wheelchair ones need to be longish and narrowish, so they don’t catch on the wheels but cover the legs well. A person in a wheelchair isn’t getting the blood going by walking around, and tends to chill easily, especially in the extremities. Just a thought.

  2. I don’t know – I’ll have to measure it – it is wider than it is long, so it could conceivably be turned ‘sideways’ and maybe I just pick up a border around the edge… I’ll ponder that, Thanks! :)

  3. Oooh love the colors of that fabric yarn? Lovely Lovely!

    Also I rented the new Bond movie…I do believe you were the one with the slight Daniel Craig crush? I was too sleepy by far to keep up with the movie so I have to watch again. However I clearly remember the first shot of him in the tux…yum!

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