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Fun fun fun! And Sockage!

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 5, 2007

And Knitbloggers! and Yarn, and knitting, and learning, and …. Okay I’m hungry.

Anyway, that aside – I met some awesome people today, and went to a way fun sock workshop by none other than Joan Shroeder, who taught us a few things about toe-up socks.

Bar none the best thing I learned today – The provisional cast-on using a Long-Tail method. THAT. ROCKED.

I was invited by the lovely but sadly blogless Libby! and so we went. It was at the Heritage Farms Museum, in a lovely little house there in Plano, Texas.

The workshop was put on by The Woolie Ewe, a marvelous yarn shop in Plano that calls me in with the siren song of guildmember discount, and then tempts me with yarns galore that invite me to spend my grocery budget, rent budget and gas budget on things much more important – my hobby. I usually manage to not cut into those things (although I suspect that my gas budget is going to be turning into my monster cost here soon. Blecch! – but that’s for another day.)

Not only did I get to enjoy the nuances of two new methods of toe-up sock construction, but, in fact, also got to meet some fantastic other Texas Knitbloggers and locals. Meet our socks:
Bloggers socks2

from top Left – Liz, of I Need Another Skein, The lovely green and purple belongs to Blogless Betty – a hoot of a lady with a charming disposition (who SHOULD be a blogger – just sayin’). Then there’s Lise, of Knitting Rose, Then, continuing clockwise – Becky, of Knitting and Other Ramblings, and Tasha, (Pink, of COURSE :-D) of Knitty Knitty Bang Bang. I’m ashamed to say I missed the name of the lady who did the red sock on the left-bottom, but it’s lovely! :-D (big sheepish grin)

(ETA: I believe the red sock was executed by Susanne, of Life’s Too Short Not To…) – ah, the miracle of clicking links in the name of ‘research’.)

Sock 1s on the march

I was surprised to be the only knit blogger at my table, but we managed to get by in any case – we covered a number of subjects, including books to read, podcasts to listen to, movies to watch and handsome British actors, the Guild, Rome – the series, the varied and wonderful uses of short rows, And other quite entertaining things that one would do well to remember – like, when you’re doing toe shaping for left-and -right feet, make sure that you knit the heel on the reverse from where you knit it on the first one, or you’ll end up with TWO LEFT (or right) FEET, which might be bad, unless you’re Eugene Levy from Best in Show.

So, in short (and summary, because I’m hungry and ready for dinner) – I had a ball of a day! :) Thanks, Libbster!


One Response to “Fun fun fun! And Sockage!”

  1. Susanne said

    Yes, I’m the red sock knitter. I had fun too.

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