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Things that make you say, “aww man!” or “ewie ew”

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 29, 2007

Having to clean the cat hair/spinning fiber out of the ‘eye’ of my optical mouse, because the mouse is not performing properly: Ewie ew!!

Best laid plans that get shot all to heck: Aww man!!

If ever there was a time when the phrase ‘somebody needs a nap’ were to apply, it would be to me, now.

A quick visual:

The temperature in my apartment last night at 5:30:
Temp at 1720

The temperature in my apartment last night at 10:30(!)
Current temp (2230 pm)

I don’t have a picture of this, but I will tell you that the temperature in my apartment this morning at 2:00(ish) was roughly the same.

The air conditioner hadn’t cycled off for like 4 days, and the thing wasn’t blowing cold. The unit wasn’t frozen. It’s broken. Like it has been for the last two years. They come and recharge the freon (sp?) every 2 months. My electricity bills are astronomical. I’m so glad I’m moving out!  That said, I passed a pretty uncomfortable night last night, and my temper is the worse for wear right now.  I think I’m going to go try and get about 30 minutes, just so that I’m not a TOTAL monster.

That said, I also have to go work on packing my apartment. I’m going to pack my stash. Sigh. Stashpacking.


One Response to “Things that make you say, “aww man!” or “ewie ew””

  1. The coaster turned out great. Way to represent! LOL

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