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W00t!!!! W00t^8!!

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 27, 2007

Because I’m arbitrary.

 I had to take some personality assessments yesterday, and I’m waiting to hear the outcomes – two people have told me that they’re very complimentary, and that the outcome was what they were expecting it would be (although 1 of them said that “[I’m] a lot more conservative than she expected” (pursuant to my assessment results). 

Now, the caveat to all these tests is that you have to answer based on your performance in a WORK environment, not in the whole world/general life category.  So….. I did that.  I’m waiting to hear more about the outcomes and people are going to be meeting and talking (about meee) and hopefully I’ll have permanency soon – wooooooot!!! Health insurance! Dental! 401(k)!  A modicum of security!  Not having to worry about the checkbox that says

‘continuing assignment next week? __ yes __ no’

 I always have a wracking moment on Friday afternoon – will it be yes or no?  Will I be in for another week, or is it time to polish the resume?  Do they really think I’m good enough, or was I only just okay? 

My friend gave me some ‘tough love’ last week and said that I’m going to just have to face up to the fact that I’m likable.  He doesn’t know how welcome those words were at that moment.  I can be so insecure.

 I’ll finish with a picture:
Momsock progress I have been doing a little knitting. I fused my top and bottom pockets, and I’m working down the ribbing on the sweater bottom on sz 4 needles.

I’m also working UP the ribbing on mom’s Fleece Artist toe-up socks. I can’t decide how long the ribbing needs to be though. Once I decide and finish this one, I’ll be picking up the other one and doing the ribbing, and finishing those babies off.

Everyone, have a wonderful day!


One Response to “W00t!!!! W00t^8!!”

  1. AlisonH said

    Oh, cool socks! And you’ve got a good friend there.

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