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More beadspinner info, and a Lindale trip!

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 8, 2007

First of all, the lovely AlisonH asked how a beadspinner works:

here’s a link to a short video of how one works.  Basically you spin the bowl on the lazy susan, and it forces the beads up against the side of the bowl (using centrifugal force), and you hold a little needle with a hook on the end in the beads, and the force ‘forces’ the beads up the needle, and you can load seed beads for bead knitting much much much MUCH faster than picking them up one at a time. It took me about 45-50 minutes to load up the requisite 1314-10/0 seed beads for my emerald bracelet (which was subsequently ripped and re-knit on a 0000). Whereas, picking up that many seed beads on a needle by hand would have been positively unpleasant. And a multiple-night undertaking (probably 150-200 per night until I got the 1300 needed.)  In any case, I’m still finessing the ‘loading the needle’ technique, but it’s fun to do.  And the fact that I’m doing it on my own hand-built beadspinner makes me that much more proud of it.

Lindale Trip:

The lovely and talented (and blogless (sadness!) ) Libby and I went out to Lindale on Saturday, for their spinning day.  Since it was snowing and in the 30s-40s, there wasn’t much turn out – I’m told that usually it’s warm and sunny, and they put out a tent and a lot of people spin under the tent and it’s a great turn out etc.  But whatever, we had fun.  I found a set of Addi 0000 DPNs – WOOOT!!!!!!!!!! So I bought them.  I also bought an absolutely wonderful mocha from the shop next door – a spinning/weaving/yarn shop right next to a coffee shop.  Aww. Yeah. Libby had a white chocolate raspberry scone from the shop and said it was over the moon – very very good.   I spun on the Loandrum, more of my targhee – I’m getting pretty good at making a consistent singles, so I’m pleased.  I was warned on multiple occasions that once I get that fine stuff down pat, I won’t be able to spin thick-and-thin.  But you know what? I’m okay with that.  I guess that’s where the Detail-Oriented Me comes out, because I never wanted thick and thin yarn anyway – it’s too hard to get gauge or any consistency there, and it doesn’t all ply into even-ness.  Anyway, I met some great ladies: Debby (or Debbie?), Vicki, another Regina (whose birthday it was on Saturday, and also the purveyor of all those fine goods (she was running the shop). Another lady came in, and I’m mortified that I can’t remember her name, but she was spinning this absolutely beautiful coral-colored mohair on an Ashford Joy, with some kind of opalescent sparkly filament-type stuff and it was so, so pretty.

I got a goody-bag from the shop filled with all kinds of neat stuff – a little ruler, a little bit of spinning fiber called black diamond, a bamboo-carbon in a lovely graphite-grey color.  I ALMOST picked up a couple of balls of Trekking in a weird neon green/navy/gray mix that is so ugly that it’s cute –  I was fascinated with it.  I would have made knee socks out of it.  But I didn’t indulge, in the interest of buying a new car later.  I’ll put that money in the car fund. (sound of coins clinking into jar).  Anyway, the goody bags all had door-prizes in them, and I got 2 free balls of (select) yarn, so I got this really pretty moss green yarn -Polo is the name of it, seen here; shade 48.  Worsted weight, 153 yards/ball, Cotton/Microfiber blend.  It has a good hand, but the balls didn’t want to hold together.  I think it may make a pretty cool, very crisp lace pattern, or maybe a neat cable.  I don’t know.  Swatches, anyone? I have just over 300 yards of it, so it’ll make a decent-length scarf.  I’ll let it marinate for a little while, and it’ll tell me what it wants to be.

This one poor lady, Steph, was carrying her wheel into the store and fell down on it, and it broke. That’s no good. She wasn’t hurt, fortunately, and she was sad, but still cheerful about it, so hopefully she’ll be able to get it fixed.   I got to meet Knit_Steph and Dawn from the LSSK list (Hi gals!), so it was nice to put names with faces.

As an aside, I had no idea that SCA was so active in that region of Texas, and I’m ultra-pleased that there are actually A&S groups in the North Texas region, although too far afield for me to get to many of them with my current work and activity load.

Lovely Libby bought me this absolutely wonderful Lorna’s Laces top in red, yellow, and blue.  It was TOO much fun! I got home last night and plied all the brown I’d already spun up, and started a singles with some of the red-yellow-blue, just playing with some of the colors and experimenting with the barber-poling of the different colors as they change – they look cool, that’s going to be really cool yarn.  I had some tension difficulties with it at first, because it’s so soft and fine to work with, it kept breaking, but I think I got it under control, and I was having a great time.  I think the next notion I’m going to have to get  (if I don’t just make my own using the top of a spice shaker) is a diz. (Except instead of using it to make combed top, I’ll feed the strands of singles through the various holes to control the plying, so that the yarn is evenly plied.)   I also started drop spindling my hand-dyed mohair that Martha T. gave me, just for grins.  Mohair is really interesting to spin.  It’s very silky, and she dyed it green and purple and it was spinning up into this really cool color combo – one thing though, mohair is VERY shed-dy.   Libby got some more of the carbon-bamboo fiber to spin up, and some cotton to experiment with.  Then we came back to town and and had dinner with Sheryl at Matt’s Rancho Martinez.

There was more to my day, and I met many very neat people, but I got camnesia and didn’t take pictures  of anything.  I’m a slacker.

There’ll be more Lindale trips in the future, I surmise.  Rose Path Weaving was such a wonderful little shop, and had fantastic denizens.  And the sock yarn selection(!) Look OUT!  If you’re a sock knitter – uh huh.  It was fantastic.  I managed to restrain myself, but only barely, and only by constantly reminding myself that I was on a tight budget and also reminding myself that I want to buy a new car and get out of debt.

I’ve had a fairly good weekend, since Thursday.  I worked Friday until 4:00, then got a haircut, built a beadspinner for <$10.00, got needles in sizes 1.25 mm – 2.25 mm (US 0000-1) for $20.00, had a way fun day in a way fun knitting/spinning/weaving shop, and had a fun Easter hanging out and visiting with some fantastic people: Robyn & Roel, my future roommate Beth,  and Hiep and his sister Rose.

It’s been a good weekend.  I have to switch over laundry now, and hit the hay early.

G’night folks!


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