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I’ll need a matchstick, a jar of paste, and a drinking straw.

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 6, 2007

Or: adventures in bricolage.

Cost of goods: $7.45

Item Produced: Bead Spinner, using this method.

It works, too! I still have a little bit of technique I need to get down, the little hooky-thing doesn’t pick up the beads 100% consistently 100% of the time, but I’m convinced that this is user error, not product defect, and that the condition will improve with time.

Oh, by the way, did I mention:


Sure, it’s not as beautiful or grand to look at as the pretty ones on etsy and ebay , and isn’t whisper-quiet, but turn on some music, and the whirring of the bead spinner quickly fades into obscurity behind Bach and Beethoven. Or Queen and Louis Armstrong. Whatever floats the royal barge.

What I done did:
(or, for you literate people out there: the process:)

First: I had a 7″ diameter wooden round. I centered the lazy susan hardware on the circle, and traced it.

Then I repeated the process with the little square (a 5″ square). The 4″ lazy susan hardware fit perfectly on the top of the 5″ square, because of the beveling on the sides of the square.

Then I applied velcro squares to the corners of the lazy susan hardware, and stuck it down, taking extra care to fit it inside my traced dimensions – that will guarantee the most centered spinning – a necessary with centrifugal force, otherwise the beads will all crowd to one side and you won’t get good pick up (I would learn later, as I was spinning the beads.)
3 5 6 4

Then I stuck it down to the round plate, and the assembly of the platform was complete. I centered the bowl on top of the square and then applied velcro in a plus-sign pattern on the bottom of the bowl, and stuck it down to the top platform. Unfortunately I have no pictures of this, as I was struck with camnesia. So that’s what I did. Here is the completed beadspinner:

“But Miss Knotty!” (I hear you cry) “Isn’t that a little hole near the top of the bowl?” “Won’t the beads sneak out of that little ole hole?”

I too was concerned about the little ole hole. But I assure you, in about 30-40 minutes, I managed to flip more beads out of the bowl and off my needle (user error – I’m still getting the process down) than came out of that hole. To be exact: Me: however many constitutes several; Hole: zero.

It works. Look at this spinning greatness (Oh, and note: this was spinning fast as I shot this pic – is my camera fantastic or what for the action pictures?)

Now look at the beginnings of my newest beading project:
Clearly it worked
Another Emerald Bracelet, this time in #20 crochet Cotton and 10/0 seed beads with a pearlescent color to them, on 000s (I found a Susan Bates Sock Set with needles ranging from sizes 000 to 1 (4 sets of 5 needles each, for $9.99. I LOVES me some J*Ann. Unlock the creativity, indeed.) I just need some erasers or something that I can stick on the ends to make them single-ended (for now. I don’t need a DPN for this project).  The penny and pencil are included for scale.  There’s another picture of this up on my Flickr page. (just click the pic and you’ll be routed there (as if you didn’t know that.).

Anyway, I’m going to Lindale tomorrow with the Libster, and I still haven’t gotten the whatnots for the Loandrum together.  I also need to find the bag o’ fiber and figure out whether I have an empty bobbin anywhere.  Most of this stuff is in the front closet, so it should be short work.

Anyway, I’m off to Lindale tomorrow, camera in hand, so if you’re there, look for me.  I’m 5’4″ or so, value-added, blonde, and I’ll be spinning on a Lendrum wheel that has someone else’s name on it. Oh, and fiber shopping. Woooo hoooooooo!

Goodnight all!

Did I mention that I have an overwhelming feeling of well-being at having done this little DIY project to completion all on my own?  Oh, I didn’t?

I have an overwhelming feeling of well-being at having done this little DIY project to completion all on my own.  I rock my own socks!! -MK


2 Responses to “I’ll need a matchstick, a jar of paste, and a drinking straw.”

  1. AlisonH said

    But (blushes redly) I don’t know what a beadspinner is, nor how you use one…

  2. Girl! You crack me up! The bead spinner making posts were too much fun! You sound like a hoot, hope we get to meet up one of these days at a LSSK meetup.

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