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Posted by Miss Knotty on April 5, 2007


 When a deli says they’re going to send over a sample tray and then asks how many people you have in the office, and you reply, “14”, you’d think they’d send enough samples over for 14, don’tcha?  They didn’t.  They sent over 3 sandwiches, cut in 1/2, and two tiny little cuppies of soup, and a handful of cookies and brownies.  While said tray does fill the description of sample,   it wasn’t exactly what I was led to expect.  If that was all the guy was going to send, then why did he ask how many we have in our office? 


 So I’m having nachos, and not eating his paltry offering, so that others might have an opportunity to taste his samples. 

 Sorry, just had to vent a little bit.  I realize that it’s free food, and I don’t really have any right to complain, but ….. Could we at least have had samples for 14?

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