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Down but not out

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 5, 2007

I’ve been working diligently at my quest of having my very own bead spinner. I’ve got all the parts, save 1. Wouldn’t you know it, that’s the MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Sigh.

I have all these parts:
Parts I bought

But not this part.

Statistics on this venture:

Time spent thinking about a bead spinner: several hours (while spent picking seed beads up on a needle, o.n.e. -a.t. -a. -t.–i.–m.–e.)

Time spent surfing the WWW while Hunting for Do-it-yourself patterns (and drooling over some of the positively beautiful (and positively way-too-expensive) options for pre-fab): no less than 2 hours.

Time spent ruminating over the do-it-yourself choices I found and deciding to try one out: 1 hour (ish)

Time spent at Michaels buying the wood pieces and Velcro: 20 minutes (Arr. 6:10, left 6:30). The lights went out as I went into the store. The power was not out, the checkers could still check, but the lights died. It was kinda trippy. Like sudden mood lighting. I wondered if the lights going out was portentious of the outcome of my efforts this evening or merely noteworthy.

Called friend Khreeg at 6:40 to find out the location of a H*me Dep*t near my residence. Got one! Josey & Keller Springs – drove there with all due haste. Arrived 6:55. Went in. They didn’t have a lazy susan plate smaller than 6″ in diameter. My little square and circle are 5 x 5″ and 5″ diam. No go. They said, try either L*wes or maybe H*bby L*bby. Looked disconsolate, left store. Called Khreeg again – down but not out. Left store 7:00 (the orange-skirted ‘helpers’ at Dep*t were very interested in making jokes about Lazy Susan. Haw Haw Haw, guffaw guffaw, chortle. Left store at brisk walk. No purchases made.

Arrived L*we’s (the First Time) – 7:20 – Also no luck. Only had 6″ plate, same as Dep*t. Left again, no purchases made. Am beginning to tire.

Arrived H*bby L*bby – 7:25 (they’re right across the street from one another – what luck!) – no luck there either, although one guy confused a lazy susan for a lazy boy, which was funny for a second. I corrected him. No, no, the difference between a lazy susan and a L*zy B*y, is that one is USEFUL, and the other is a chair.

He recommended I maybe try an auto parts store….?

Left store, also at brisk walk (but this time because I was filled with a new hope (no, not that New Hope), and thought about hitting the A*to Z*ne near my casa.

On drive home, spotted *-*-*-*-R*illy’s first. Hung quick right into store. (Had good sense to park car first and get out). Arrival 7:55. Got good help from man called Max. Bought part (slightly more expensive than I would have liked, but (at the time) believed that it was a working solution, headed back toward L*we’s again (these stores are all within about a mile of each other.)

Arrive @ L*we’s 8:05 – spent 10 minutes searching for dowel rods. Finally located rods and tracked down original salesguy (the one who helped me the first time) to find rubber o-ring gasket thingies. Continued trying to figure out how this rig will work, when suddenly it dawned on me: it wouldn’t. I was trying to get the wrong part to spin. Dang. No go. Left store at brisk walk without buying anything. Salesguy recommended maybe trying a furniture store – they might have the part in the size I need. Leave with plans to try a furniture store. Am tired and disappointed. Alternative MacGyver solution didn’t work. Ready to have dinner and call it a night.

Arrive back at *’Re*lly’s : 8:45, return not-working part (not worth keeping if it won’t work for my purposes (not porpoises)), and decide to hit the Internet for poss solutions (and to look at the how-to website again). Leave message for friend Khreeg with outcome of efforts and decision to call it a night.

Arrive home 9:00 – cats look less than pleased (as per usual), and proceed to surf web for hour-maybe hour & a half) hunting for links, uploading photos and writing blog.

Current time: bedtime.

Will make further forays into hunting for needed parts tomorrow. Only really need the 1 part. Will call Elli*t’s tomorrow and see if they have the part in stock.

Ready for sleep now. Will be ready to spin beads tomorrow. Will be ready to spin fleece Saturday.

Eventual goal of all this running around:
Parts with bowl

Picture it with a little gap between the 2 pieces of cream-colored wood, for the lazy susan plate (3 x 3). Pretty snazzy, eh?

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