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Things finished, Things begun, and other chicanery at chez Knotty

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 1, 2007

Along with my Blog of the Minute excitement, I have many things to show you!

1. Things finished:
Halfdome Funny Halfdome modeling Halfdome Top detail
Okay, thing finished, but still.

Pattern: Halfdome from

Knitted from DB Cashmerino Aran, on Size 3 & 5 needles in Grey and Royal Purple.

Mods: I converted it to knitting in the round, instead of flat and seamed – I am not so fond of the seaming, and my skills are…. well, they’re lacking. That’s all.

I knitted the size for an 18″ head, to fit a man’s 24″ head. The fit is snug but that’s what he wanted – a skullcap/beanie. Check out this kitchenering fabulosity! Halfdome Kitchener goodness

The plus-sign raglan decreasing is pleasing, and I don’t think the hat suffered from having been converted to being knitted in the round. I think Mr. Bo* will be pleased. At least I hope so.

Bonus Thing finished:
Granny's Socks

An overdue pic of Granny’s completed socks: (Completed 3.12.07, mailed 3.13.07. Granny’s B-day was 3.15.07 – Happy (late) birthday, Granny!
Knitted in Regia Schatten Color

Used the Beginner’s Mid-Weight Socks from Knitting Pure & Simple

Made the ribbing much much longer (the orig pattern only calls for 1″, but I wanted it long enough to cuff or to wear long and still be stretchy). Changed from 1×1 to 2×2 ribbing.

I didn’t have any feets to try these out on though, so I looked at several foot size/shoe size websites and went with the average foot length for a size 6. I am assured that they fit very well, and are very soft and she loves them. W00t!

2. Things begun:
Emerald Bracelet Detail (last night Emerald Bracelet Detail (tonight)

Emerald Beaded Bracelet: From

Hers is knitted with #8 Anchor Pearl Cotton and Size 11 beads (UK sizing) on 1.25mm needles (US 0000). My trial effort (and maiden voyage into bead knitting) is on (US sizing) DMC Size 5 Pearl Cotton and 6/0 seed beads, on a Size 0 (2 mm) needle – mine is turning much more like a choker size than a bracelet size owing to the larger sizes I’m using), and I think I’m going to pull out the 2nd repeat and do it again where the increases and decreases are, it’s not doing that hourglass-y thing that the 1st repeat did. I think I started stretching it a little bit, and not pulling it tightly so that the beads do the shaping for me. This is a greatly easy pattern to do – I’ll likely do it again on smaller yarn with smaller beads and needles – Maybe as Christmas presents for my female relatives. It’s really a fun and quick pattern to do, although it does get heavy after while – glass seed beads, as small and light as they are: Yarn Detail and Bead Detail, get heavy in larger quantities. Still, I think it’s going to look pretty cool, so I’m pumped.

Also started:
Bookmark for KAL (1)
Bookmark (for Bookmarks KAL) in Ecru #10 Crochet Cotton on Sz 1 Needle. – Up to row 15 (this is Day one of the KAL and it’s a seriatim pattern) So far it’s… garter stitch, but I’m pumped!

Thing-suh this time. I’m a starter, not a finisher. What?

3: Other Chicanery:

I did, in fact work on the Circumnavigated Cardi this weekend, I did a knit row and a purl row in the car on the way home from Granny’s.
Circumnavigated Albatross

I also worked on Mom’s Socks for a time. Progress.
Mom Sock 1 Mom Sock (2) Mom Sock (3)
Okay. So there you are. A pictorial update. I’ll have to tell you my traffic jam story another night.

Goodnight folks!


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