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Not bad for 20 minutes’ (or so) work

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 20, 2007

I have bowls!
Record Bowl 2 Pat Boone Record Bowl 2 Record Bowl

These were inspired by Jennifer’s record bowls over at PieKnits, but the record selections were all my own. I scored the records at Half Price Books, and with a little coercion in a 150 degree oven, and some jammin’ tunes, I had these babies reshaped in just about an hour (an hour because, after making the first one, I was displeased, re-softened and reshaped it. And it worked!)

One is much more bowl-shaped than the other, (the other is more flared), but I’m altogether pleased with the outcome. I realize this is not at all an original idea, but hey, it was fun.

I also found a Tony Bennett record and a Barry Manilow Record for a dollar apiece – should I reshape them or try to see if the value of the records goes up? I can’t decide.

Anyway. I also have the original broadway cast recording of 42nd street (feat. Jerry Orbach) , and the Barry Manilow and Tony Bennett albums to reshape if I’m so inclined, not to mention the Wayne Newton album, and the Tom Lehrer record, if I wanted to just keep the jackets and not the records…. Hmmm. I might go back to the store and just find some no-name bands to reshape into bowls – that was FUN! for something so easy. I’m not really sure what to do with them now, though. I thought maybe I’d use the more bowl-y shaped one for a flower pot. It’s got steep enough sides, and a drainage hole already in it. So…..

We’ll see.

In other news, I went to Slap Stitch on Sunday Night AA Center – Stars v. Phoenix Coyotes – Stars won 5-4 in overtime – GO STARS!! I got pictures of knitters, but it was very dark in the stadium, and most of my pics didn’t come out very well at all. Further proof that I should relinquish my camera to a capable photographer. Just sayin’.


One Response to “Not bad for 20 minutes’ (or so) work”

  1. Elizabeth said

    NO WAY – you were there?!?!?! Me too!!! I love your picture of the ice, so even if the others weren’t good this one is Da Bomb. My DH and I thought we couldn’t bring cameras into the AA Center, so all I had was my cell phone camera which was PATHETIC!!! Oh well, I now know that I can bring it next time. :)

    Elizabeth…from LSSK!!!

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