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Yarnage Carnage!

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 15, 2007

Okay, no carnage, really. (If you got to this page from carnage in google – ha. haha. hahahahahahaaahaha!)

But yarnage is a go:


The black and gray yarn you see here is Claudia Handpainted Yarn, in Color “Ink”. The green confection is Cherry Tree Hill, in “Life’s a Beach”.

Aaah, the strangeness of it all:

I bought Life’s a Beach, because I love its name. I’m not really a huge fan of yellow. But the name was just too perfect to pass up (even though I don’t think it looks very beachy, (Sorry, CTH people), but what do I know? Maybe there are green and yellow beaches somewhere. But I digress.)

Life’s a Beach was originally purchased because I thought it was asking me to make it into Pomatomus. But it wasn’t. It asked me to marinate for a while. And marinate it did. In my sock yarn stash. Until its moment.

I bought beautiful Ink by Claudia this evening, on a fiber therapy binge, to make Eunny Jang’s Entrelac socks. (which I know I have talked about knitting), but I hung up on what yarn to use against Ink as its contrast. It needs something strong to contrast it, but maybe not monochromatic – it is, after all, black and grey (or gray, depending on where in the country you’re from). – I think the brightness of Life’s a Beach will work.  Swatching will bear out whether this is fact or merely in my troubled mind.

Yes, I realize Life’s a Beach has yellow in it. But it’s not predominantly yellow, so it’s okay. But the yardage? I only have one ball of CTH, and I had to buy three skeins of Claudia (175 yds/50 gram skein) – CTH is 4 oz of yarn – 440 yards. The CC yarn in this pattern calls for 2 skeins of Koigu (170 yards/skein) – I think it’ll be okay. Bonus – the yarn has already been split into two roughly equal balls – hopefully this means that I’ll have ample yardage in each of the 200-odd yard balls to do a sock each. Woot, and all that.

So now all that’s left is to swatch and see if the colors play nice together, learn how to knit entrelac in the round (Fortunately Interweave has this part covered – Eunny’s article has these instructions, right there in the magazine, one page back – woot again!)

So all that’s left now is to finish Bo’s hat (again), finish the cardi, knit mom’s socks in the Fleece Artist Yarn I bought for her, (it’s purty – look: Fleece Artist Yarn for mom),

knit the Clessidra socks from Knitty (who won in the poll)
And then, Entrelac socks!
And then, Meg Swansen’s stranded color knee socks from last summer’s (that would be Summer 2006 for those who aren’t paying attention) Vogue Knitting.

Me, ambitious? Whatever gave you that idea? I just like socks, that’s all.

I should probably note that these knee socks will likely be my ‘long term commitment’ projects, and I’ll be knitting other (shorter) socks in the mean time, along with all the other things that catch my interest. A rosy, beautiful shawl? perhaps. Dishcloths until I can’t bear the thought of cotton yarn anymore? In all likelihood.

Merrily we knit along!



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