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Like burning a starfruit-shaped candle on every point:

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 13, 2007

In which she extols the virtues of Daylight Savings Crime Time.

My dear friends, an hour has been stolen from me. A precious hour I used in various and sundry ways – gone.

May I list for you my week this week?

1)I have a day job. A great one. I love it. That said, I’m also moving in two months, and will be likely buying a car in about 6, so I need to get some savings under the ol’ belt. So:

2) I also have a night job – it’s just a little something I do from home, dialing in and working a few nights a week.  But hey, it’s money, and I can do it in my jammies, if I’m so inclined (which I’m typically not).  In addition:

3) I’m housesitting.  People I know are out of town visiting other people I know, so I’m running around to their house and coming home to take care of my kitties, and —  well, just basically doing a lot of running. Let’s not forget:

4) I’m still adjusting to Daylight Savings Time – you know that week, that first week when you’re dragging anyway and still trying to get used to the coercion of leaving home to go to work in the dark and coming home in daylight?  Yeah.  That’s this week (in case you hadn’t caught on, in which case – where have you been? Arizona?), and I wasn’t going to say this, but it just adds to the whole blah effect:

Girls, you’ll understand. Boys, cover your ears and hum:

5) I’m at a point in my cycle where I just don’t have any energy, I have insomnia, and I generally just want to sleep for about 15 hours straight.  Thanks, Ma Nature.  I realize it ‘beats the alternative’, but at this point…. Yeah.  Let’s just say that this was a most inopportune week to visit early and leave it at that, shall we?

Thankfully, I don’t have a lot of deadline knitting going on right now – I finished Granny’s socks (in the midst of all this running around) last night, and mailed them today.  I did not take a picture, because I am a slacker-blogger I don’t want to ruin the surprise for Granny.

Anyway, she’ll get her birthday socks on Thursday (I’m told), and things will be hunky-dory. Theoretically.  The house-sitting people will be back Saturday, and I’ll eventually get used to DST (Yeah, around October).  In the meantime, I can hear my bed calling to me, crying out for me to climb in and slip blissfully into a coma for about 7 hours, so I’m going to surrender to its call, go climb into my jammies and a good book (for as long as my eyes stay open), and  scrurry off to dreamland (well, as fast as a fat   zaftig     voluptuous    Rubenesque fat lady can scurry… probably more like a waddle than a scurry, but it’s my dreamland, and I’ll get there in whatever form of haste I prefer).


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