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Posted by Miss Knotty on February 26, 2007

So, I was all set to put in the buy order for a Car 2.  Was pulling out my phone to seal the deal.  When I got this absolutely awful sick-to-my-stomach feeling of ‘you’re about to do something terribly, terribly wrong – don’t do it.  If you know what’s good for you, listen to me and don’t do it.’
At very first my thought was ‘shutup, Brain/Stomach’.  Then, the very next thought was, before you go putting in buy orders or putting names on lines, why don’t you call a mechanic and find out what he thinks of all these car choices?  Which, in fact, is actually a really sound suggestion.  A mechanic (particularly a mechanic I’ve been going to since I was sixteen, and my dad has gone to for even longer than that) will likely give me pretty sound, unbiased advice about whether to fix my car or buy a new one.  He said, “Well, it’s really your call, Darlin'” (he calls me Darlin’.  I let him.   He’s just about the only person who I let get away with that.  But he keeps my cars on the road, for 11 years now, and shoots from the hip with me, no theatrics, no headgames, and he gives me honest advice.  And he calls me Darlin’.  Works for me.)

I asked him straight out about some models of cars that I’m looking at: Car 1, and Car 2 – He told me in no uncertain terms – do not buy a Car 2 – it’s not a good car (he didn’t use that exact phraseology, but I got his drift), and he said, “if you want a good car that’ll last you a long time, get a (CAR 5!!!) – this wasn’t even a model that was in the running, but if he recommends it, I’ll test-drive one.  I’m also thinking of going back to the model I initially wanted to check out, but then didn’t because it’s too expensive – A Car 6 – but the Car 6 is still pretty expensive, and I couldn’t find any deals on it in the paper anywhere, so I’m still dancing around that one.

So it’s back to other options, and more test-driving to be done. Sigh.  Still, that’s okay.  I’m glad I listened to my gut and didn’t act rashly.  I might have temporary new car euphoria, but I think that the unease and complete lack of peace I had as a result of a rash act would linger on.   Besides, the Proverbs 31 woman ‘considers a field and buys it’ – (Prov 31:16) – meaning she is wise with money – she considers a field and buys it.  That means research.  It also says ‘her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain’ (Prov. 31:11) – Well, I don’t have a husband, but if I ever want one, I’d better prove that I’m a capable steward with money (particularly my own money), and get my finances worked out, so that it’s clear that I can be trusted with money.  Not that I’m on the lookout or anything, (pretty far from it, actually), but in order to be an ideal candidate, it’s better to have one’s ducks in order, and show that they are kept in order, don’tcha think?  Particularly since God’s Word calls for these women (“An excellent wife who can find?  She is far more precious than jewels.” (Prov. 31:10)  So anyway, something I’m striving for.  I’m thinking about just getting the radiator fixed in Ms. Currentcar – I won’t probably need a heater again until next November or so anyway, and by that time I’ll have come up with a decent down payment, paid my debt down, and gotten settled into a new place (with a roommate) – so it won’t be all this new cost shock all at once.  And I’ll have more time to really make up my mind what kind of car I want to drive for the next [forseeable future], and do some more research and maybe watch for the screaming deals.  I’m told that the 4th of July is a good time, and around Labor Day.

I am, however, going to get a lower interest-rate loan and pay off and close out my credit cards – doing this will free up some cash so that I can actually, oh, I don’t know – have some CASH FLOW?! Buy groceries that actually entail MEAT and VEGETABLES, rather than bread, peanut butter and milk?  (Not that I have anything against grilled cheese sandwiches, and PB&J, but I’m really, REALLY getting tired of them. And save for some important things like a rent deposit and movers (moving out of a 3rd floor apartment is not something I’m terribly keen on doing and/or cajoling friends to do.  And it’ll go quicker (and be insured) if movers do it.  I’m all for that.

And so it begins… again.


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