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In an odd mood; so, a meme (thrice over), and events of my day: (long post and with pics!)

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 18, 2007

If your life were a film, what would your soundtrack be?

So, here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits: That Old Black Magic – Frank Sinatra

Waking Up: Piano & I – Alicia Keys

Life: The Jig is Up – Jill Sobule

Falling in Love: That’s Amore – Dean Martin

Make-out Scene: Over You Now – Acoustic Ross

Breaking Up: My Funny Valentine – Michael Buble

Mental Breakdown: Gee Officer Krupke – West Side Story

Driving: Siamsa – Ronan Hardiman (From Riverdance)

Getting Back Together: Stella By Starlight – Frank Sinatra

Wedding: Why Does This Always Happen to Me – Weird Al Yankovic

Birth of Child: Old King Cole – Iris & Rose

Final Battle: The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel

Death Scene: Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’ -(Oklahoma) – Sung by Frank Sinatra

Funeral: Hello, Young Lovers – Frank Sinatra

End Credits: This Protector – The White Stripes

Just for giggles, I didn’t change the playlist at all and did it again:

Opening Credits: Rock-It – Herbie Hancock

Waking Up: Save a Prayer – Duran Duran

Life: Day of the Clipper – The Corsairs

Falling in Love: More Human Than Human – (White Zombie) – Cover by Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine

Make-out Scene: Corina Corina – Dean Martin

Breaking Up: Poisoning Pigeons in the Park – Tom Lehrer

Mental Breakdown: Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Acoustic Version) – Nirvana

Driving: 6060-842 – The B-52s

Getting Back Together: La Bella Maria De Mi Almo (Spanish Version) – The Mambo Kings

Wedding: Mack the Knife (Live Performance Edition) – Michael Buble

Birth of Child: I’m Not OK – My Chemical Romance

Final Battle: Uninvited – Alanis Morissette (Soundtrack of City of Angels)

Death Scene: Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix) – as performed by Jamie Cullum

Funeral: Omobolasire – Prozzak

End Credits: Twisting – They Might Be Giants

Okay, this is SO weird. But funny. Because the computer was pretty dead right for the wedding scenes, and the “second” birth – I’m Not OK by My Chemical Romance – Freaking. Perfect.

For the record, my playlist contains 7,296 tracks (in Winamp), and I put the playlist in and hit the shuffle button. I stuck to the plan fully, and truly did put the songs in as they played.

How funny is that?! That said, I had some fun things happen today:

Ms. E and I went to Ft. Worth for the TXOLAN (Texas-Oklahoma-Louisiana-Arkansas-New Mexico) Alpaca Spectacular – it was rather like a dog show, but with alpacas – judging various different aspects of behaviour, look, breed, health, colour, and I don’t know what else all, but it was sure interesting. We watched part of the judging and then went back into the barn area, where the alpacas were penned:
Suri Alpaca Chillin' Suri Alpaca 2

This guy was clearly not too pleased to be there – he was searching for a way out: Looking for a way out

Huacaya relaxing Huacaya baby alpaca Chillin' Huacaya alpacas in enclosure

There were also some vendor booths back there. We met some lovely alpaca breeders and also some absolutely lovely spinners. There was some alpaca fleece to be had (both for spinning and already processed yarn) but I managed (somehow) to restrain myself. It was tough though. I kept wanting to just grab a handful of the raw fleece and stuff it in my pocket (why, however did that get there? >>most innocent look possible<<), for later (but I also managed to restrain myself from theft. That wasn’t so hard. But I did learn that if you take a spinning implement (wheel or drop spindle) -they’ll give you alpaca to spin with. >>sigh<< ) Ooooooh how lovely to have known that beforehand – Something to remember for next year. We had a great lunch at Mexican Inn Cafe, and hit some yarn shops in Ft. Worth – Yarns Ewenique in Sundance Square, and Jennings Street Yarns, and also Simpatico Yarns in Bedford, before heading back home-ways. Ooooh man it was fun, though.

Elinor let me know her opinion of whether she’d like an alpaca of her very own: I cannot be bothered with you. I figure this is the feline equivalent of a rolled-eyes, “Yeah right, crazy knitter-lady” look. I mean, an alpaca, even a baby one, in my 3rd floor apartment is rather laughable. But they were very, very cute!

Ms. E. and I grabbed my Loandrum (and my knitting bag) at my apartment, and then hightailed it out to Sachse for some spinning fun (and some more of the decadent, amazingly good and wonderfully smooth coffee from the Rocking Coffeemaker-Carafe thingy (this time it was Ethiopian coffee…. Taaaasty.) Mr. E. played some Nintendo Wii (with enthusiastic cheering from his cheering section, Ms. E. and myself. Go Mr. E!) It was good fun. I had no idea that the Wii had so many different functions – news, weather, polls, and downloadable games from old (and/or defunct) console systems, to name a few – Wowee. Again, Fun times.

I got to buy yarn vicariously, b/c Ms. E. is not on a yarn diet, and she picked up some fun yarns (yarn enough for three (?) pair of socks and also for a pretty teal sweater out of Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece. The sock yarns are Southwest Trading Company’s Tofutsies, made from Seasilk, cotton, and Chitin (made from Crab and Shrimp Shells – cool!), a couple balls of Crystal Palace’s Panda Cotton (a bamboo and cotton blend), and lovely purple Trekking XXL(#109).

On Another Note: Simpatico Yarns has some LOVELY fleece to spin. Sigh. I’m quite enjoying the spinning process. A spinning wheel of my own is definitely on the “someday” wish list. One like Ms. E’s is really cool, and gets the job done, and is light as a feather, and is a not-terribly costly way of learning the art of spinning.

I like hers a lot; and I also want to test drive all different kinds of wheels. My friend Libby (blogless – alas!) has offered me an opportunity to spin on her Schacht that I plan very much to take her up on, as soon as my vehicle is in a condition to get me to her house without overheating. Sigh. But alas, a new radiator is the order of the day, and nothing else gets to be done until that’s done. Soon, though. Once I get out of February, a notoriously unfortunate month, because of its shortness, I’ll hopefully be freed up a little bit money-wise, and I’ll be able to knock that repair out of the park.

Now, just for one more giggle, I’m going to do the meme one more time, with the same (huge) playlist, and not stopping from where I’m playing right now.

Opening Credits: Brazil – Django Reinhardt

Waking Up: Le Tango de Ramona – Jaime Plan

Life: Flashdance (What a Feeling) – Irene Cara (This showed up on another friend’s Meme too – that is TOO weird)

Falling in Love: Symphony #1, Op. 21; I. Adagio Molto (Ludwig Van Beethoven) – Performed by Cleveland Symphony

Make-out Scene: On the Street Where You Live – My Fair Lady

Breaking Up: Lost Weekend, Las Vegas – Wally Pleasant

Mental Breakdown: One Thing Leads to Another – The Fixx (Ha!!! This is apropos)

Driving: Stompin’ at the Savoy – Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald

Getting Back Together: The Music Stopped – Frank Sinatra

Wedding: The Becoming – Nine Inch Nails

Birth of Child: Wishing I Was There – Natalie Imbruglia

Final Battle: But Not For Me – Billie Holliday

Death Scene: So They Tell Me – Frank Sinatra

Funeral: Feelin’ Love – Paula Cole

End Credits: Metal Shop – DaVinci’s Notebook


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