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Wow, twice in one day!

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 13, 2007


You’re getting to be a habit with me; or

It’s not a habit, it’s cool; or

I get a kick out of you.

It might just be, my friends, that I’m liking the entrelac.

Might be.

Why, you ask?
Habit 3

What could this be, lurking in the dimness of a flashless photo shoot? What, you ask?

Bright colors, big junkie

No! It’s… It can’t be! She’s only just finished one!

Habit 1 Habit 2

Gasp! It’s true! It’s ANOTHER ENTRELAC DISHCLOTH! (THE HORROR!) (The overuse of punctuation!!!)

This one is done in stockinette entrelac, and will be started and completed (God willing) with one ball of Peaches and Cream Cotton Worsted knitting yarn. On Size 4.5 mm needles (US 7)

Color: Fiesta Ombre

Using Eunny Jang’s instructions from the new Interweave Knits.

Yes, I’m taken with Entrelac. Yes I am. Yes, I’m okay with this. Yes I am.

But he isn’t:
Circumnavigated Cardigan - Ole Faithful

Because, my friends, he hasn’t been invited out of the knitting bag in three (3) days, except for the photo shoot on Saturday night. Remember how he said he’d take me back if I worked on him ‘tomorrow’? Well, tomorrow was yesterday, and rather than working on him (or Granny’s socks), I knitted the confection of bright and sunny color that will be soon scrubbing something in my apartment. It’s happy, it’s quick, it’s light knitting and it’s pretty mindless, once you get the pattern down. I lurrrve it.

I realize, of course, that my failure to knit on Circumnavigated Cardigan and/or Granny’s socks at this point is really just selfishness – I want to knit something quick and fun, and edifying, and I want something that shows real, fast progress (not that a sock for a size 6 lady’s foot isn’t a pretty fast work), but it’s on US 2’s (that’s 3 mm, I think), and so it’s not as much ‘bang for my buck’, if you’ll pardon the expression.

So I’ll likely finish this by Wednesday night, and then work on Granny’s socks, and then the CC again this weekend. (I can hear him balking from here, but really I will, because I’m out of dishcloth cotton! (weep)

Truly, I’m probably going to be entrelac-free for a little while, while I work out the monetary logistics of buying a new radiator for my car with all due haste, as mine is restricted, and I’m afraid of blowing the head gasket on my car, if I don’t get it fixed BUT QUICK, sheee? I may have to take out some emergency financing and just get it done, and pay it back as quickly as possible. I don’t want to do this, but I don’t also want to replace my car’s engine, because I let this go for too long.

I’ll meet you at the intersection of Rock and Hard Place.

Edited to add:
Someone, please stop me.
Junkie-er I have to go to bed!


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