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a quickie: (with pictures!)

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 8, 2007

News items:

I held a baby, and she didn’t explode or break or anything!


This is my niece, AJ. She’s the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Younger Brother. Here she is at just past 2 months old. Cute, eh?

I held her, see?:
AJ redux
I held her, I really did! Note the hands – that’s me!

I cut my own head off, because I had this dorky look on my face like, c’mon, c’mon, take the picture!, and so I was obliged to just give you another cute picture of my cute little niece. Plus, I like to maintain the idea in my head that you don’t know what I look like. I realize you can find me on myspace, and my picture is up on my old blog, but I’m going to pretend like you don’t know what I look like, and that’s going to work just fine for me.  Except for my various family members who read this blog, who do know what I look like. Not much to be done for that.

In answer to your unanimously whispered question, “so, does that make you want to have one?”: No. I still feel no maternal urges, no desire, no nothing. I got to hold her for approximately 20 minutes. Not even a twi– wait – I might have felt a momentary twinge when Mrs. Younger Brother showed me the front of AJ’s onesie (she is wearing a little sweatsuit in that pic). That was cute. Like, hee hee, aww, cute. It said, “Does this diaper make my butt look big?” in sparkly pink letters. Cute.

So yeah, I have no FO’s to report besides the completion of my Endpaper Mitts, which I posted on my Flickr account many, many moons ago, but haven’t posted here yet. Here they are (Yes, I’m a slacker. Yes, I know.). :
Endpaper Mitts color Endpaper Mitts

So there they are. I started and finished them the week after Thanksgiving – I was on vacation, so I had time to knit, tink, knit, knot, rip back, practice the Italian Tubular Cast On and the sewn bind-off – my bind off was not perfect, it fits pretty loosely now, so I typically wear the blue at the top of my hand folded back on the top of the mitt (I imagine this was user error, though, not a fault in the method.)

The variegated yarn is Trekking XXL in Colorway (mumblemumblemumbleI-lost-the-ball-band-mumblemumblemumble), and the solid is KnitPicks Essential in …. Slate? I think. It’s the blue color. There are only 2 – this light blue, and a dark navy. As I do not have any of the navy in my sock yarn stash, I shall call it Light Blue and have done with it. I knitted these on 2 circs (except the thumbholes), and I used size 5 circs, as my mad Fair Isle skillz, yo, might be a little on the tight side. In fact, the fit on these is just a tiny smidge tighter across the backs of my hands than I’d like. I don’t notice it until the end of the day when I’ve been wearing them all day – I tend to stretch out my hand and all my fingers, and I have a soreness. This might be from typing all day. Might. However, I don’t get this discomfort when I don’t wear them for long periods, so I think it might be the glovies. But I still love them dearly, and still wear them, hand pain notwithstanding. When (that’s WHEN) I knit these again, I may will likely swatch on a US 6 and see if the gauge on the Fair Isle is looser, to a degree that the fit will not be uncomfortable across my hand. (Said the Princess).

So there’s the word you heard. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight! :)


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