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The end is nigh.

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 24, 2007

For those of you who are here as a result of a google hit on that title, heh. hahaahahaa.

Sorry. Just had to get that out.

Okay, that aside though. Hi. It’s now Wednesday, a week after my last post. (roughly. It’s after midnight, so it’s technically Wednesday, and I believe that counts.)

Sorry for being a lackadaisical blogger, but I’ve been BUSY! Busy with the Prestonwood Singles Winter Retreat (which was big big fun!)

Busy with work (which is big big work – as per usual), But in a special way, because Friday is my last day before I embark on a new horizon on Monday morning. I’m PUMPED!

Busy with spinning (which is nonexistent because of exigent circumstances that I’m too ashamed to talk about at this moment, but will in a few moments – stay tuned)) –

Busy with knitting (which has all but stopped since Sunday evening, when I turned a heel on a very special sock.) The sock is for my maternal grandmother, who, I’m fairly assured, doesn’t read my blog, as she does not own a computer. (Please, if you’re related to me, don’t tell Granny about the socks. They’re a birthday present). So anyway, I turned the heel on sock 1. Which is exciting. I’m cruising down the foot now and I should be reaching toe-ville this weekend, if I devote much time to it – I still need to get some kind of idea of what length to make it though. She wears a size 6 AA. She has small, narrow feet. I wear an 8 1/2-9 (average). So I’m going to need to figure out just how long to make the sock. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I don’t want it uncomfortably short, and I also don’t want it clowny-too-long.

So yeah. Busy..

The spinning tale of Whoa – Okay, so I guess nonexistent is closer to the truth, but I have been thinking about, and wanting to, spin for a few days now. I came home on Sunday afternoon, and wanted to throw some clothes in the wash and do some spinning, and the wheel has been BROKEN! Yes, the Loan-drum has been violated. Two little perkitties non grataes(?) – We’ll call them SNEAKERS and ELINOR DASHWOOD apparently got Frisky on Friday night, and knocked my (borrowed) wheel over on its side, and broke the little rod for the scotch tension. I wouldn’t have blamed them, except that my buddy came over on Friday night to check in on them, and the wheel was fine, and when he came back on Saturday – it was laying over on its side, and my spinning chair was canted at an odd angle from the fallen wheel. My best guess is that one or both of them got the Night Crazies (TM) and used it as a launching pad, but owing to its NOT A LAUNCHING PAD nature, it got overbalanced and fell. Which likely made a lot of noise – sorry downstairs neighbor! and at which point the tensioner got broken. Fortunately, I’ve ordered a new one which should be here in a few days. I called the woodworking place, and the lady says to me on the phone – “oh, it happens to new spinners all the time – the wheel falls over, and they just break it right off. ” Well, my mortification is set at ease, to know that I’m not the only one with rambunctious pets, and the replacement knob will be here very, very soon. Wooooo hoo! what a relief. Still not a laughing matter, and the kitties know now that if they even look cross-eyed at it, they get a squirt with the water bottle. They steer clear now. Which, I feel, is a wise move on their part. Just sayin’. Anyway, the repair part cost me all of $2.00, which was a relief, and the wheel-lender has been notified and was SO gracious about it that I could feel my mortification and horror at breaking someone else’s possession ebbing just a little bit. I told her I would replace the part, and she put me at ease about all of it so quickly. Such a dear heart. Well, Lucky lady, too, she gets to go to a dye-ing workshop this weekend. I’m a little jealous. But I’m going clothes shopping, which will be good too.


Hope all of you are having a wonderful week, and that’s your update from Knottyville. And now for weather…


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