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Things that are maybe not so fun:

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 17, 2007

Sorry for the negative-post double-header, but I have to have a little venty-vent here. Sigh.

Do you ever have one of those days where you REALLY should have just pulled up the covers, called in, and gone back to sleep?

Today would have been one of those days for me. I’m on a ‘lunch break’ while I’m working from home (read: I’m blogging and munching down my soup before I dial back in this afternoon).

1. I overslept a little this morning. Just a very little, but enough, with the inclement weather (it’s snowing and sleeting) that the drive was very impaired (or would have been), not to mention all the horrible traffic around Dallas right now. This morning was horrifying. Stalled cars and accidents everywhere. The poor traffic guy on the radio prefaced his report with ‘okay, here we go….’ – you know it’s bad at that point.

The killer? It’s not that bad out, weather wise, but it was snowing and sleeting since last night, so now there’s slushy-crap all over the streets and people just don’t like driving in that; and so put on their bad manners, and thus become THE SCARIEST (AND WORST) DRIVERS EVER.

2. When I woke up this morning, I had the covers wrapped up around me (like ya do), and up over my head, except for the smallest possible breathing hole.. There was a COLD breeze on my face. Not just… it’s warm in here, it’s cold out there cold, no, it was a ‘something cold is blowing on me’ cold. So I looked up to see if maybe I’d left the ceiling fan on (b/c I like the moving air, cold or no cold) – and it wasn’t on. Hrmmm.. So what’s blowing on me… What’s blowing COLD on me?

It was the heater. Apparently the heater in my apartment and the heater in my car decided to have a chat and play a very, very mean game of – Miss Knotty Will Not Be Warm. Not at home, not in the car (my heater in my car doesn’t work, but that’s a story for another day). Ohhh no. No warmth for Miss Knotty. Grrrreat. Fortunately I have copious (read: enough) knitted garments to keep my fragile extremities(sp?) warm.

The heater was on full steam ahead, and was blowing cold air. My apartment was 62 degrees when I checked the thermo this morning, and was cycling happily as though it had no idea there was something (dreadfully, dreadfully) wrong. Turns out it didn’t know there was anything wrong. Argh. The maintenance men came and fixed it, and there was some connector or something that ‘talks’ to the heater, tells it to turn on, and not just blow cold air and the heater didn’t get the memo. So they fixed it, and now I have heat. And the thing cycles properly and TURNS OFF when it’s supposed to. This is good, because that means that my bill won’t be a GORZILLION dollars. Which is good. So, once the maintenance guys left, I got bundled up and left for work. It’s been approximately an hour, and I’m back home now. I never made it to the office.

My car and I are going to have words, next warm day. Oh yes we are.

Now, this is partly my fault. I thought I bought the good windshield wiper fluid with the de-icing agent in it. I didn’t. I sprayed it up on my windshield, ostensibly to get the ice OFF the windshield, and the stuff froze over the ice. GREAT. Did I mention that I was already driving when this happened, and so my vision was COMPLETELY OBSCURED while I was driving, ON A MAJOR THOROUGHFARE? I was on the tollway. Scary much? So I scraped up the last of my adrenaline rush, got off as quickly as possible, and got to the nearest covered place, and proceeded to plead and beg with the car to stop overheating (oh, did I not mention that part? Yeah, she started overheating too.), to let me please please just get home, and I won’t make her go out today. Please.). Fortunately a wonderful, kind-hearted man from Terminix was driving by and had a can of that marvelous ambrosia, Windshield De-Icer, he was sorry for my plight, and sprayed my windshield down liberally. Bless his heart, whereever he is. and Thank God for him. So I jetted home as fast as the posted speed limits would take me (on back roads), and I called in and I’ll be working from home for the rest of today. They understood.

I’m eating soup, and trying to get over this trying experience. Bleh. I mean, it wasn’t that horrible, in the grand scheme of things; no one was hurt; I was scared with the whole not being able to see out of my windshield while driving down the tollway experience, but that wasn’t for a long time, and it’s over now. Thank God again.

Anyway, time to log back in. Thank you for letting me tell my story.

Thank you for reading it. I hope it wasn’t too bothersome. There’ll be more knitting content soon. Truly.


2 Responses to “Things that are maybe not so fun:”

  1. Jennifer said

    I have totally done the iceing over the windshield myself with wiper fluid (while driving). That sucks, was not fun at all. Sorry you had such a trying day! At least now you can enjoy being home and cozy.

  2. Kit said

    Oh my. Hugz to you, that sounded like an absolutely cruddy morning. We had that kind of weather last Monday and I got five minutes away from the house before I said “nay nay!” and took a snow day.

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