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Something quick and funny, and a minor commentary rant:

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 15, 2007

This is SO too funny.  If you don’t want to check out the post, I’ll just tell you – he built a replica of the Battle of Helms Deep out of candy. Go check out the pictures. Seriously. Caveat:  This is a work of epic geekiness.  I wish I’d thought of it.

His post was silly, and wonderful, and wonderful and silly, and it was just great.

There *was* however, something that kind of bothered me a little.  Not about his post, though, about the comments that some people left.   By and large, his comments were of a complimentary nature, and I think that’s fan-freaking-tastic.  Not to mention all the blog mentions he’s gotten have been overwhelmingly positive.  I’m so, so pleased at this.

There were the ‘you’re totally cool’ and ‘this is awesome’ posts – as well there should be – it was quite a feat in cardboard and candy, and I can only imagine the memories that were made in building this piece.

(rant ahead)

Please note that constructive criticism and the needless, nit-picking criticism I’m talking about here are two very different things.

I took umbrage at the gall of some of the negative commenters.  I was merely dismayed at the ones like ‘you need to get a life’, as those were obviously just people who ‘don’t get it’ or whatever, but more than that, I was really bothered by the comments by people who were being critical of the model.  I mean, the time outlay itself for this thing must have been pretty nutty, and Manners himself said that they were making fun of themselves all the while they were building it (that’s further down in his comments).

Still though, someday, they’ll think back, and reminisce on the time they built that replica of the Battle of Helms Deep out of candy, and have a good laugh, and just remember (and hopefully cherish) the time they spent together working on that, and the people who left ‘coulda done it better’ remarks are just trying to rain on that parade.

Maybe they’re merely unhappy people, or are trying to exert how much more expert they are than Miss(ed) Manners on the subject of Lord of the Rings, or whatever, but it’s just petty.  “If *I* had done it, I *would* have done it blabbetty blah blah.”  What. Ever.  But you didn’t do it, did you, UppityPants? No, so you have to go and criticize someone else.  So you get the nyah award, and the shut up award.  Good job, you are so well versed in trivial minutiae that you an pick up on a (tiny) detail about a fictional battle (i.e. whether there were catapults at the Battle of Helms Deep) – Wait, is this the movie or the book version?! – and point it out.  What, are we all to come now to YOUR blog and worship the fact that you might *might* know more about it than Miss(ed) Manners and his near-and-dears and therefore are cooler* (well, if one LOTR nerd can be cooler than another – this might be a sliding scale.)?  Oh, but wait, you don’t know the history and planning, and you might not have taken into account that certain parts of his work were stylistic and intentional choices, rather than a desire for absolute correctness.  It’s the people who are so critical over such tiny and unimportant points in other peoples’ efforts that made the Society for Compulsive Accuracy such a drag for me (and consequently why I never got heavily involved in that organization.)  Why can’t you just bask in the groovy geekiness and give the guy props?  By the by, I think that level of attention to detail might point back to some kind of mishap with regard to potty-training.  Do the words ‘anal retentive’ mean anything to you? Not that I’m not very attentive to detail (i.e. ripping back rows and rows to correct a stitch that ‘just didn’t look right’), but I’m only attentive to that degree in MY OWN WORK, not in others’, which is what bothered me so much in the first place, that you could be so seemingly casually critical of someone else’s effort.  Do you do this often?  Are you going to point out the grammatical errors in my post now?  Shall I misspell something for you, so you can leave me a ‘good job on the rant, but I would have said…’ comment? Which, by the way, will just get you deleted from both my comments and my good graces.

I just pity these people.  They don’t have the inventiveness to do it, but they do have the major cohones (and BAD MANNERS) to stand by and say how they COULD have done it better, IF they were to undertake such a thing.  It’s so very Lady Catherine DeBurgh from Pride and Prejudice.  ‘I didn’t learn a musical instrument, but if I had, I would have been a true proficient’.  Well, lady, if you didn’t, then you don’t have anything to compare it to, and your opinion doesn’t have a leg to stand on with me.  Those critiques, more so than the mere ‘get a life dude’ nay-sayers, got to me.  The ones that wanted to put it down because it ‘wasn’t good enough‘ in some way.

For my blog-surfing time, Miss(ed) Manners, I thank you for sharing something truly one-of-a-kind. It was a pleasure getting to look over your work, and I’m really looking forward to Minas Tirith next year. (All. seven. rings.).

(end rant)

*Cooler in the sense of – “I [think I] know more about Lord of the Rings than someone else”.  Which might not necessarily be cooler to everyone.  Just sayin’.


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