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Happy New Year!

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 2, 2007

I can’t sleep. What a shocker. I’m going to go try again in just a little bit, but wanted to say a quick word. I went to a New Year’s party last night, and it was… fun…. I guess.

It was a departure from my typical New Year’s Scenario (involving me and three of my favorite men: James Bond, and Ben & Jerry), and me and my knitting on the couch, and being in bed asleep whenever I feel like going to bed, and recognizing New Year’s Eve/Day for what it is – a paid day off from work. Woot!

I got a lot done today, with my day off – I cleaned up a lot of the mess that has been building around here since Mid-November, did some wash, cleaned the kitchen (again – I also did this yesterday, when I was cooking), tied up paperwork, got some Guild Business taken care of for the Guild Meeting tomorrow night – although my sweater is not to where it needs to be in order to fuse the pockets, but oh well. It’ll keep, and I have the pattern. It’s not like I’ll NEVER learn if I don’t get it done by tomorrow.

Anyway, I got the new members punched in and name badges printed out; I bought binders at OfficeSupplyStore (on clearance!) to organize my knitting pattern collection (which is growing INSANELY huge – I’ve got to relax with the printing online patterns – seriously. I’ve got like a zillion, and I keep finding more!), I put away some luggage that’s been out for too too TOO long, and my place looks bigger for the work, which is kind of nice. I’d forgotten how much clutter can lend itself to claustrophobia.

Anyway, most knitters are putting up FO lists and UFO lists, and Knitting resolutions for 07. I haven’t thought much about my knitting lately (except in odd moments at work when I think to myself; ‘I’d rather be at home in my jammies knitting‘, but aside from that I haven’t actually been DOING that much of it. I started a sock on Friday, and took it to the Stars/Predators game to work on between periods (that was way fun, and the Stars WON! 3-1 Go Stars!), and I knitted a few rows on the cardi at home after the game. Past that, it’s been all just chilling this weekend.

If any of you were concerned (I just know you are), my first meal of 2007 was black eyed peas and cornbread. (Pretty good cornbread, if I do say so myself). Since my digital camera is not at all impressed with the fact that I got the ‘special for digital camera’ batteries and went dead within an HOUR of having them – even though they were brand spanking new – grrr. I have no pictures to show you right now. I did finish the Endpaper Mitts, which is exciting. I think I finished them in the first weekend of December, but since I’m never ever project monogamous, I’m not entirely sure. Well, that and the fact that I never ever make a note of when I finish something. I’m such a goon. Oh well.

Good luck to all in 2007. May God guide us all in these new days.


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. AlisonH said

    Batteries (okay, why did my fingers type that as “betteries” the first time.) Me, it’s more often my hearing aids–don’tcha love those moments like standing in the line at the airport and suddenly realizing my size 13s are going to set off the alarm if it’s set to sensitive.

  2. heartknits said

    Girl I have missed you! Come see me at


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