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Posty mc-post post.

Posted by Miss Knotty on December 26, 2006

Okay, well, I’ve been prolific this weekend, wordwise. Don’t really know why, except to say I’ve wanted to share with all you reader(s).

I have some spinning pictures to share:
Current bobbin on the wheel:

I think I might have enough to ply now (based on the amount on these two bobbins – I think (hope) it’s about equal. If it’s not, then crud. I’ll have to spin more. boo hoo. I still have some fleece left, so this is not the tragedy you might think.

I’ve also purchased this book:

Spin to Knit

This has been a fah-boo resource. I’ve read a lot of it so far (mostly the stuff about spinning; I’m familiar with knitting, so I’m not going to worry about that bit for right now.

(time passes)

Okay. I’ve plied it. It’s puuuuurrrrtttyyy. I’ll take a pic tomorrow (maybe). I don’t know my yardage, as I did the ‘niddy-noddy around the elbow’ thing, and I pulled it kind of tight, so I don’t know what kind of yardage I got. I will say again, however, that however much it is, it’s very, very pretty.

I also set the twist on my handspun (spindled) skein, and it too is drying in the bathroom. The water was tinged a very faint pink, so I’m highly hopeful that the dye’s not going to run on these babies. As I was drying them (not wringing, but rolled up in a towel and pressed down), I noted how soft they feel. Targhee good. I’m reasonably sure that I’ll have enough yarn to make a Calorimetry (since that calls for a pretty small amount of yarn (85 Meters, worsted weight)), so I think my first project out of handspun is going to be a Calorimetry. Woot!

That’ll be pretty, I think, in the colors and thick’n’thin-ness of the handspun. We shall see, once I’ve cast on.

Now, for something fun: Christmas lute. (twang twang)

Oh, sorry. Got carried away. Christmas loot. (Okay, we KNEW I was a geek before the bad pun. Take a deep breath.)

Okay, in no particular order (except this is how they came off the camera):

From my paternal grandparents:
Chocolate with coinpurse

In addition to this, they also gave me an absolutely awesome Ralph Lauren knitting tote (to replace my ‘frankly has seen better days’ backpack.) It’s black and padded, and has a little pocket for the ‘bits of stuff’ that are ubiquitous to any knitter/spinner, and it’s flat-bottomed, so it doesn’t fall over when it’s on the floor. It’s a paradigm of knitting bag virtue. That little coinpurse – I LOVE that. It cracks me up. That little cuh-click sound it makes when it closes… Something nostalgic about that. Just too much fun.

She also gave me a Burt’s Bees lipbalm, which is AWESOME, and this:
Bumper sticker
All I can think to say is, ‘well, of COURSE!’. Me? a diva? ME?! (gazes around the room in mock innocence) Actually, yes, yes I am. (Assume serious diva position)

In addition, I also got generous gift cards from my brother and sister-in-law, and from my friend Robyn. I see shopping in my future!
GiftcardGift cert

I, being the token fiber-lover in my family (it would seem), am tremendously grateful for the gift of yarn shopping. As, I’ll likely be using stash for the next while – 2007 is the year I’m getting my money in order. Oh yes. I said that about 06, and it didn’t turn out that great. But I’m GOING to do it. So, when I’m getting bugged about not having any spare cash for the yarn-shoppage, Boom! I’m bustin’ out the gift cards! Awww haw. It’s like having a built-in loophole that I don’t have to justify, or feel guilty about! WEEE-haw! I’m so lucky!

My parents gave me a Groovin’ Marvin Gaye CD, and this chain (left), to wear with that cross (right) that they gave me for my birthday.
Chain with Cross
Purrty! I’m wearing it right now. it’s so pretty! I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s the perfect length, too. My only regret is that I forgot to take my cross pendant to lunch so that I could put it on immediately. But I rectified that situation as soon as I got home. Nobody’s seen it but me (yet), but I think it’s really pretty*, and I like it a lot.

I’ve also had wonderful Christmas wishes from many, many dear friends, and enjoyed 4 days off work. That said, it’s my bedtime. I have to be at work in the morning.

*Edited to add: Okay, could I use PRETTY one more time in this entry? like EVERYTHING has been pretty. I re-read this, and annoyed myself a little bit. If I didn’t annoy you with overuse of the word pretty (which is highly unlikely, considering that I said that EVERYTHING was pretty), here’s something for you:

She eyed the pretty violets and considered her chances of getting them home in one piece – pretty slim. On top of that, she lacked a pretty pot to put them in, and reminded herself that her cash margin was running pretty thin as well. She was pretty sad, but the salesman said she was pretty, so it was a pretty okay day.

I’m really done now. I’m SUCH a geek.

P.S. I just thought that sentence up. It’s late at night. I’m tired. And I’m a word geek. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Time for sleep. (Pretty sleep.)


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  1. Jen said

    Your spinning looks great, I love those colors!

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