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Fair Isle Phobia and its cure together.

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 20, 2006

In advance:

Please forgive me for forgetting failing forgetting to upload any take any photos of my mini-straight-out-of-my-natural-born-head Fair Isle felted coaster project.

 I started a coaster, thinking, I’ll just knit a few coasters (since my previous felted coasters work SO, SO WELL, and I love them). And I want to improve my mad Fair Isle Skillz, yo (especially since, up to this point, I have NO mad Fair Isle Skillz, and have never even used the technique. But I insist on calling them skillz, yo, because, just because I haven’t discovered my mad Fair Isle Skillz, yo, yet doesn’t mean I don’t have them. That’s all I’ll say about that. So, I cast on 8 stitches to my sz 10 1/2 Bamboo DPNs using green Lamb’s Pride Worsted, knit up to the second increase round (whereby the number of stitches is doubled (to 32), and then got bored. So I busted out the purple and started doing my second increase round with one strand green, and one strand purple, to practice my mad Fair Isle Skillz, yo. I got so into it that I didn’t realize that I missed my bedtime by nearly TWO HOURS and my roommate ousted me from the couch so that HE could go to sleep. Oops. So I finished my round and called it a night.  I have about 5 rounds to go, then a purl round (to create a lovely little ridge) and then cast off and into the hot water wash it goes.  In my personal opinion, it looks pretty darned good for a very-first-Fair-Isle-Project-Ever-and-not-using-any-kind-of-pattern-either.  The stranding on the back looks strandy, and the little color bits on the front are nice and even, and there aren’t any gougy bits anywhere and the patterning, although completely arbitrary, is still pleasing in a mardi-gras kinda way. I’ll post a picture pre- and post-felting, and I’ll likely knit another few coasters in Fair Isle Fashion before I felt, b/c I hate to run a felting load for just one little article. Just seems wrong. 

 BTW, my baseline pattern for the coaster is using the Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar pattern for Felted Coasters, (Trivets), and Beverage Jackets.  I don’t remember what day but I’ll post that when I put up pictures too.  Their versions are striped.  My version is abstract Fair-Isle-y visual interest based on what I wanted to do at that exact moment.  Maybe I’ll call it serendipity-doo or something goofy like that.

That’s all I have to say about that right now.  Pictures soon(ish).


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