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Busy week, busy times, FO!

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 18, 2006

Works in progress:

Seraphim – I’ve just done line 1 of chart 1. Wee! I knitted lacy things! Alas, a picture at this point looks…. atrocious. The stitches, they’re all just lumped up on the needle trying to have space to breathe. I think it may be time for a longer needle. Fortunately, I have another pair of size 7 needles in a 47″ cable – a SECOND pair of knitpicks options and a SECOND cable. Weee haw.

The circumnavigated cardigan – I just completed my second decrease row of the pocket. That makes 398 stitches instead of 402. Weee haw.

That said, this sweater is actually really kind of fun and self-encouraging to knit. See, b/c there’s a knitted-in i-cord edging on the pocket. You bring your yarn forward and slip the last 2 stitches on every row (as if to purl), and then knit them when you turn the work. Consequently, I ALWAYS want to turn and continue, b/c I feel like to yfwd and slip as to purl and then NOT to knit the next stitches seems like…. leaving the work incomplete, somehow. But I still put it down after about 3-4 rows a night. They’re LONG rows! I’m likely going to be putting in a short row before long, too, to make the back a little longer (so I don’t have to constantly tug down the back of my sweater every time I stand up. I’m all for that.) AND a short row will add something interesting and different to my work, and this sweater is fairly straightforward – knit, purl, pay attention to markers, and decrease every 4th row, right now. But it will get interesting, I am assured, and having a cardigan that I knitted in GORGEOUS inky navy will be a FANTASTIC wardrobe staple.

Still, though, I’m worried that I MIGHT get a little distracted. It happens sometimes. Although I’ve been very disciplined lately about, when I feel like knitting, I knit on the sweater. That way I can be assured that it’s continually increasing.

Still, I had finishitis tonight. Look what for:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Grumperina‘s Jaywalkers!!

Woooo hooo! I finally finished them. I had a touch of the ennui getting these finally finished, and a bit of a mishap with some yarn, but all told, I think they ended up great! Don’t you?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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