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Cool knitting things that all happened in one day:

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 4, 2006

I went to my mailbox this morning, and what was waiting for me? Why, this was waiting for me:

The Winter Interweave Knits!Fast forward by 10 hours or so. I went to my mailbox this evening, b/c I wanted to take a little walk, and my mailboxes are on the opposite side of my apartment complex. So I went for a little walk, and what was waiting for me? Why, this was waiting for me!!

My order from Knitpicks! (I ordered on Friday night a week ago (10/27) 7 days – awesome. I’m already swatching on my 47″ needles for my sweater. I already swatched once (and decided to knit it on US 7s (4.5 mm to all you not US people. Yes, both of you. [snerk]), but I ordered Options needles, and a very shrewd lady at the guild meeting last month recommended that we DEFINITELY SWATCH WITH THE NEEDLE WE’LL BE USING FOR THE PROJECT. Because, hey, sometimes if you swatch on an Addi Turbo and then knit on an Inox, it changes your gauge. (Or so I’m told. I have no Inox needles).

So I’m reswatching. I love my yarn, but the color just comes up as ‘dark’. It’s an inky navy, almost black. I love it. Because it’s blue, but it’s ALMOST black. Classic. Classy. Hopefully my knitwork will do the yarn proud. It was gift yarn, you see. Beautiful wool gift yarn (which I’m told is about 20 years old, but was kept safe from creatures that eat yarn, so it should be fine. I wound all the hanks into center-pull balls (using my yarn swift and ball-winder, of COURSE (I still think this is among the best Christmas Presents I have ever gotten. I LOVE these tools. Love them. With a love so true. I mean, I’ve gotten some other great Christmas Presents, but I just must say that there are none that I use with the frequency with which I use these two items. They have a permanent home, out amongst the things in my apartment. They’re affixed to the artsy bookcase, which is a perfect place for them – a nice distance apart, a good height for standing and winding the yarn. They feel at home there. (They told me. Well, either that or I’d have to take them out and put them away all the time. All together now – hassle!) So they live out, out amongst the landscape of my apartment. They’re ubiquitous fixtures. Like my darling kitty cats. I do so love them, my kitty cats. They have such personality.)

Anyway, I began the day and finished it with knitting goodies. And the day in between was nice. So I’d have to say I had a good, good day.

There’ll be pictures of things soon. I slacked tonight and didn’t knit on anything but my second gauge swatch (not terribly interesting blog fodder, I’m afraid), and I read the new IK from one end to the other (except I MIGHT have skipped part of the talk about steeking. Sorry, Ms. Eunny, but the idea of cutting my knitting, while it sounds like it WOULD be a helpful and fast tool, still gives me the heebie-jeebies). So I’m going to have to just file that away, and wait until the idea of it doesn’t make me feel a little nauseous.) But it looked like there were lots of pictures! Thanks for the resource! I’m sure, once I delve into Fair Isle, that I will be doing some steeking. But I haven’t delved yet. And I’m not yet brave enough to take scissors to my knitted work, unless it’s to cut off the last of a little end that I’ve just meticulously woven in.


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