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Jaywalker Sock II

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 3, 2006

Remember this sock?*
Jaywalker foot

I finished Sock I sometime this summer, I think. In the midst of working on Seraphim (which I only have ONE MORE increase row before I get into the lace charting, neat!)

Here is my roommate, holding it up for me. He’s very kind to pose as my holder-upper of things. PICT0047

Soon, there’ll be lacy things of interest to look at. Or maybe not soon. I’ll be casting on for Circumnavigate next Tuesday night. I’ve got a burning case of startitis, too. Girls, I’m starting my engine!!! I’ve been having SERIOUS startitis for the last 2 weeks or so. Partly because of my disappointment over my Knucks** and my indecision over what I’m going to do about them. I’ll post up a picture of the yarn for this sweater once I have my cast-on done. It’s puuuuurrrttttyyyy.

[Diversion.insert.Do] Look, Progress on Jaywalker II!

I turned the heel and picked up the stitches for the gusset on Saturday night. I’ve been working the gusset decreases this week and finished them last night. I’m about 10 rows past the decreases now, and (as you see), at the center of my arch. Only about 4 more inches of coverage to go. PICT0026

Look how much progress since last Friday night:
10-28-06 021

I had just picked up for the gussets at that point. Currently, I’m about 10 rounds past the end of the gusset decreases. See?
Just so that you don’t think I’m taking more and more pics of the same incomplete sock I: PICT0027

See? Sock I, Sock II.

Sneakers thinks it’s neat. See the glowing eyes of doom? That means ‘neat’.
10-28-06 003

Elinor wants HER socks done, so she can PROPERLY wear my shoes.*** See that right paw? That’s in my shoe, y’all. All together now: awwwww..

Seriously? This is why I keep her. She destroys my place, she gets Night Crazies, she’s a finicky eater (if it’s not cloth or yarn), she runs about like a demon spawn, she’s aloof and prickly, and acts generally like she rules the roost, and then she does REALLY CUTE and/or SWEET STUFF.

And I’ve learned – I just keep my clothes and cloth and yarn put far far away from her, and she won’t eat them. See? Compromise. A closed door IS sometimes a compromise. Especially if my yarn is on one side of the door and this animal is on the other.

The only problem I’ve run into, and it’s such a liiiiittle problem:

See how little a problem it is? Does that ball look like enough yarn to knit 4 inches of sock foot to you?

That’s all I have left. I didn’t really think it looked like enough after I’d turned the heel and picked up for the gussets:

10-28-06 021

and at that time I threw the sock back into the sockbag, into the backpack, into the closet in deepest despair.**** Well, closer to high annoyance than deepest despair, but let’s not split hairs, shall we?

Now, I will grant that I have another ball of this yarn in my stash. Except it’s not the same dyelot. This is only a problem to me, others have pointed out. True. Probably no one would even notice on a faux fair-isle striped sock, that the dyelots aren’t the same. And it’s on the bit that’ll be inside my shoe, so what am I worried about? Seriously.

But I’LL know!!! And I will have to weave in the ends. Bah to weaving in ends. Although I must say I kitchenered without instructions the other night. Go. me.

Anyway, this isn’t a “real” problem. Truly. Just sometimes I have to find something minor and complain about it. Otherwise my life would be completely idyllic***** and you’d all be truly annoyed by me. And I don’t want that.


*This pose here? This is a yoga pose. I call it Sock Clad Foot Resting In High Place. It’s particularly useful for taking pictures of half-completed socks. There’ll be another demonstration of it further down in the text. Same foot, different partially completed sock. There’s a little different version of it where High Place is actually my coffee table, a Relatively Low Place, but it’s the opposite foot. Have to be egalitarian about the foot modeling. It’s rather like when Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were on Full House and one of the twins got mad because the other twin was in all the “eating” scenes, and so twin I threw a tantrum about it. So I have to be fair. Because I canNOT have my feet throwing tantrums. Nope. Nooooo waaaaay.

**The disappointment came in when I realized that my gauge loosened up quite a bit on knuck II, and my cuff was about 1 1/2″ longer than Knuck I, and my thumb gusset was…. weird. It was just… off, somehow. I ripped back and reknit from the fingers twice, and from the thumb at LEAST thrice, but have thus far been unable to discern why or what I did on Knuck I to make Knuck II turn out so differently. What’s likely is that I just THOUGHT I read the pattern the first go around and then just went my own way, where in Knuck II I actually followed directions, thinking that I had done that on the first Knuck. This doesn’t happen to me often, usually it’ll go the other way, but truth is, I’ve knit these gloves, these exact gloves, probably 5 times, counting all the times I’ve ripped and reknit. I don’t know why I’m having such difficulty with this pattern, but I am. And it infuriates me. So I’m taking a little Knuck-batical.

***Please, please please disregard the general mess of my apartment. Just focus on the cute cat. Foooooccccuuuuussss on the kiiiiiiitttttyyyy.

****It had to be a few layers away from me so that I didn’t do something rash, like send it (prematurely) to the frog pond.


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