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Cool stuff!

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 2, 2006

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 This colorway of Trekking makes me oh so very happy. So VERY, VERY Happy.  I found a skein of it at one of my LYS on Sunday – I fell in love with this happy colorway.  I decided to name it Veg-All.  It’s actual name is Color 136. Pretty descriptive, eh?

So anyway, I drooled and crowed over how much I love this yarn, and proceeded to carry it around with me for the entire time I was there, whilst “thinking about it.”* I decided, finally, that I was going to have to wait on the purchase, despite the fact that just looking at it makes me giggle a little bit, and makes me happy. I had some committments coming up that a yarn purchase, meager though it may seem, would be foolish.**

  Anyway, yeah, so I felt like to buy this yarn would be wrong, and so I put it back. (My enablers were pushing me to just buy it, if it makes me happy, but I said No and stood firm. Wow. I had no idea I had it in me.).

So, anyway, even though I was bummed about not getting Veg-All, I just went along my merry way, went and had a cup of coffee and spent a little time in the Word, and went on home, yarnless.*** Well, I didn’t buy the Veg-All, anyway. Ultimately, even though I still wanted the yarn, I felt blessed that I already had so much yarn, and that I have enough money that I have to make careful choices about how to spend it, and that my needs are met, even though I might not get EVERYTHING I wanted, right when I wanted it.

   Okay, fast forward a couple days. Now it’s Thursday, and a day hasn’t gone by yet that I haven’t mentioned that yarn to friends of mine and lamented not buying it, silly as that is. Not to any of my enablers, but just thinking about it, and how, when I go back down there, I’m going to buy it. Sometime. B/c I love it.

 I check my mail, and there’s a fat envelope in my mailbox from my friend Lea.  I open it, and it’s Veg-All! A ball all for my very own!!! HAAA!  The card said ‘Just ’cause…’  Hee!

God’s blessings are great! And so is my friend Lea.  I mean, I told her about the yarn (I think…), but she wasn’t there when I was pining over it, and then she took the time to go over there, figure out which one was Veg-All (although it’s pretty telling.  I mean, it LOOKS like Veg-All!), purchase it and mail it to me.  What a sweetheart!  Sigh. I’m in a happy place right now.


*Which, if you’re a knitter, actually means ‘trying to think up a justification for buying more yarn without having a guilty conscience about the fact that you have TWO storage drawers (and a half) FULL of un-knit sock yarn.’

**And I’d just spent some money at to get my needles for the new sweater Project (pictures forthcoming, once I have something to show), and of course, I wanted to get the free shipping, so I bought 2 pair of Sz 0 circulars (for socks, natch), and 4 balls of sock yarn (I have sock patterns in mind for this yarn! Promise!)

***(As if someone with closet and some other space allocated for yarn storage could dare to call herself ‘yarnless’) 


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