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It liiiiiiiivvveeesss!

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 6, 2006

I’m alive and kicking. I’m just doing most of my kicking at work, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to blogging. Blah.

But on a good note, things ARE getting done. At work, I mean. I’m still volunteering at church, and I’m still in the Guild. It would seem, however, that I’m doing all of these things at about half-steam. I’m really, REALLY looking forward to my vacation at the end of November. Can’t WAIT, really. Just 7 weeks to go. I’m going to be taking the weekend mostly off, to do some Guild stuff, and go yarn-fondling. (not buying, mind, just shopping).

I FINISHED JOB!!! WEEEEEEE! I’m in a celebratory mood over this, b/c Job is a tough read. But now, Now I’m in the psalms. Woot! And just in time. I’d love to have some praise to mull over.

Some praise: The roommate got a job! WEE!


One Response to “It liiiiiiiivvveeesss!”

  1. tb said

    Hi Miss Knotty, Thanks for checking out my blog. I am not in the Seraphim KAL, didn’t even know there was one. I’ve posted the only picture I have of my Seraphim on my blog now. It’s so hard to photograph now that the shawl is longer than the needle.

    I say hunt down that CTH sock yarn, you never know where you might find it at a great price, but I think I got super lucky. I’m gonna have to eat canned tuna for a couple of weeks to make up for it! I can’t wait to see your Seraphim. I’m doing mine out of Knitpicks Shadow in Sunset.

    Hope all is well..and btw, I have a sock made ALOT like yours in the pic there…Lion Brand Magic Stripes, the pattern Broadripple. I don’t ever wear them. :|

    take care! tb–>

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