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And now for some things that are random and don’t really fit together:

Posted by Miss Knotty on September 4, 2006

Okay. This post is long. There are some pictures. There are some long wordy bits. If it doesn’t make sense, I apologize. If it does, then great!

Have you ever had a photograph or portrait painting and it seems that the eyes follow you around? I have. I have one right now:


In some cases, I feel that it greatly lessens the creepy factor, and greatly enhances the comedy, if you fit them out with one of these:


Aah. Relief. Cancelling out the staring eyes effect is really, really handy when you’re up late playing WoW in a spooky part of the game, and you look up and it’s staring at you. Oooky.

Now, progress:

I’m still working a lot of hours at work. I don’t know if this is going to ease soon, but I have high hopes. I think that we may be finally getting into a more comfortable pattern. Yay!

To celebrate, I plied my first handspun:


Pretty, huh?

It’s Targhee, in color Oriental Poppy. I still need to do the soaky soaky and ‘set the twist’, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I don’t think I have enough to do more than swatch with, but I have already begun spinning more. Weee haw. I really enjoy spinning – right now it’s totally engrossing, because I have to pay very careful attention to the drafting, and making sure the roving isn’t pulled too thin, and I have to stop and wind it up pretty often. So I’ve been enjoying the process on this. I reiterate that I will likely not turn this into a full-time hobby, as, while I enjoy the process, it IS time consuming without a wheel, and while I have a new appreciation for the women through time that had to do this in order to make clothes for their families, I’m equally, if not more grateful that I don’t HAVE to spin wool into yarn in order to then knit the yarn into garments. Process. Not product, for me. At least where spinning is concerned.

Anyway, to celebrate my triumph of plying, I went out to a little celebration dinner/breakfast:


Ahh, Waffle House Decaf Coffee – How I love you! How you warm me from within without ramping me up with caffeine. How good you taste with cream and sugar!

(it says it likes me back).

Now, I don’t have any FO progress, but I have made some progress on my Knucks – I finished and bound off the cuff on the first one, I decided on a 2 x 2 cable and then 2 purl sts between, so it’s stretchy but not TOO stretchy, and it clings nicely to my wrists and doesn’t sag. Nothing’s worse than a cuff that’s not meant to sag, but does anyway. I’m to the thumb on the second Knuck. Pictures soon. I don’t currently have any because I’ve been a slacker and haven’t taken any of the Knucks.

I’m closing in on the bind off for the second edge of the Interminable Baby Blanket Border – I have one more row, and then I bind off. And then the third and fourth borders await. I really, REALLY need to finish this up. The due date is drawing nigh (it’s still 2 months away, but look how long it even took me to pick up the sts for the border!!), so I really need to just suck it up and finish this.

On a totally unrelated note, I went on a pink binge this weekend and bought pink yarn to make pink scarves for Susan G. Komen. I bought a skein of chunky weight Misti Alpaca – oooooh how I wish I wore pink, and started on a scarf in a drop stitch pattern of my own whimsy. It’s just dropped stitches, but it looks kinda cool. I’ll probably have enough in the ball to make a short scarf. I just wanted to work on something for Susan G. Komen. I just…. felt compelled, for some ole reason. I also bought a ball of pink Silky Wool – I think this may end up being a gift-scarf for a pink-wearing friend of mine. I haven’t decided. I also bought two balls of Kathmandu(sp?) Comfort Mohair in a pretty, tweedy kind of pink, much more vibrant a pink than the Silky Wool, and the Misti Alpaca is a strand of pink paired with a strand of heather gray. I don’t know why this color combination caught me and pulled me in, but it did. I wanted something soft and snuggly and warm, and pink. I wanted to knit love and then wrap it around someone who needs it, anyone who needs it. Something real and tangible that can be a reminder that someone loves you is really such a necessary commodity. Anyway, I DO have a picture of the Misti Scarf – I started it on Saturday afternoon, and it’s coming along nicely:



(These pics were taken late Saturday night, and the scarf has made a little progress since – I have another repeat done of the drop-stitch pattern.) It’s only 20 sts across, and bulky weight, so it’s been a quick knit.

I had a lovely movie and dinner with my friend Wendy on Saturday night, and dinner at IHOP (dunh dunh dunh). They have this awesome french toast with bananas and caramel and whipped cream on top – These are more like dessert than dinner, and they were WONDERFUL. SERIOUSLY WONDERFUL. I will likely eat them again. Very, Very soon.


Ahh, IHOP Decaf Coffee – How I love you! How you warm me from within without ramping me up with caffeine. How good you taste with cream and sugar! (

Are we seeing a trend here?)

Heh heh heheee…. I do like the coffee. I like the decaf coffee late at night. It’s like being decadent, without the consequence of being wired until the wee hours of the morning. (That’s what the French Toast was for, after all. hee.)

We saw The Lake House. I enjoyed it very, very much, and recommend it, despite its being a ‘chick flick’. It moved kind of slowly, but I find that I enjoyed its speed (or lack thereof). It was a much more original story than the cookie cutter plots that Hollywood puts out. It was an adaptation/remake of a foreign film, Il Mare. Anyway, I quite enjoyed the film and recommend it. It was sweet, while implausible, and I will likely purchase a copy of The Lake House for my movie collection, when it comes out.

That was Saturday night. Yesterday…. was weird. It was cool and overcast and I wanted to do something…. since I was off for Labor Day Monday (which was a wonderful wonderful day).
“So what, then, Miss Knotty? What did you do?” I hear you cry.

I made Rice Krispy treats. The roommie and I took a 9pm trip to the grocery store, bought the requisite supplies and came back and made home-made Rice Krispy treats. HIS preferred additive to the recipe is to put cinnamon and brown sugar in.
MY preferred additive to the recipe is 1/2 c. peanut butter in. We did mine last night.

One word: Yum. I know I’m patting myself on the back here, but they’re TASTY! SO MUCH BETTER than the ones that are pre-packaged. SO. MUCH. I’d forgotten how easy they are, but they’re so, so yummy.

I’m curious to try his recipe. He’ll likely make them soon. But he agrees that the peanut butter addition is quite delectable.

Today I just had lunch and coffee and a wonderful, wonderfully long chat with my lovely friend Robyn. We just talked (as we do) about everything going on in life. And so we did. She (as per usual) mentioned that I should think about grad school, that she’s always seen me in grad school, and thinks that I should go. I (as per usual) mentioned that I’d love to go to grad school, but not with a tremendous debt burden over my head. And I don’t know what I’d study if I went. We (as per usual) digressed to the nth degree.

We also ran into a guy I went to high school with, and she swears he was flirting with me. It’s odd, running into people you went to high school with. Particularly people that, when you WERE in high school, you didn’t run with, or really know very well at all, and then, when you run into years later (8 years later), act like you’re good buddies. It’s kinda of funny. Like our alma mater is a connection that bonds like no other. I was talking to Robyn as we walked into the little cafe, and (in fact) we were talking about school and I was telling her how I had grown up in the area where she now lives (they recently moved), and I turned around, and lo and behold, there is a guy I went to high school with. and he recognized me, and I recognized him. It was funny. He was ultra-nice and dropped other names of people who went to our high school and drop by the coffee-shop, and I nodded and smiled, because I didn’t know that person either. I couldn’t call his name but remember I was in band with him, and that he plays percussion. Finally before we left I thought I had it right, and I called it and I was right. Phew! That’s good. Robyn swears he was flirting with me. I don’t buy it. I think that he was just being genial and that it was easier for him because we had something in common in the past. It’s like **** at church. We have that we are believers in common, and past that….. pretty much nothing else, that I know of.

Truly. He was just being genial. I think. Still. He was cute in high school, and he is cute now… it would be NICE if he had been flirting with me. Just Sayin’.

Anyway, yes. Then I went and dropped a bunch of money to get my car fixed. Again. That makes 2 weeks in a row. I sure hope they’ve got it fixed for a little while. I have surpassed my budget for car repair. Ok?! 3 new tires around my birthday (8/10), a new starter last week and a new thermostat and radiator flush this week, and also some temperature something-or-other assembly that the thermostat mounts on. They recommend that I get a new radiator, but I may not have to do that for a SHORT while yet, but they also mentioned that my heater core is sadly clogged up, and that my air and heat may cause my engine to overheat some if I’m sitting in traffic. My dad says that if that’s the case, then they probably DIDN’T fix it correctly, but I figure they did the best they could, barring putting in a new radiator and heater core, so I’ll just bear it as best I can until I can replace those parts. At least the engine block didn’t crack. And the cost was nominal, compared to what it could have been, so I’m glad that things didn’t end up worse. Still. I learned my lesson – flush out the radiator. It’s a necessary task. Just like rotating tires and checking oil.

I also need to replace the battery soon. Ooooh goody.

So August was maybe not so great for the car repairs. At least we finally got some rain! :) Praise God. He’s always so timely.


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