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Howdy there

Posted by Miss Knotty on August 16, 2006

Okay, I went back to my birthday post and corrected my typos and my ‘I got in a hurry and didn’t check my work’ errors. Sorry to both of you readers out there for having to deal with my poor proofreading (not because I’m a poor proofreader, but because I got lazy before I published).

In other news: The Knuck decreases are done on Knuck 1, and I did the textured rib cuff, and…. wasn’t thrilled. Never one to leave a pattern absolutely alone – I decided on a modified version of ribbing, a cabled rib. I had 48 stitches in my round (I did the man size for my weird, apparently biggish hands – hey, they DO grow them bigger in Texas!), and 48/6= 8. I did 8 2×2 cables with 2 purl stitches between, with a cable cross on every fourth row, and I’ll likely make them longer than the pattern calls for, and cast off (ahem) in pattern. Because I like a challenge. I’m just glad I know how to cable without a cable needle! I’ll have a progess pic once I’ve got more than one repeat done, so you can actually…. you know, see PROGRESS. All told, though, I think the fit will be much better with the cabled, ribbed cuff, b/c I did the textured cuff, and it was TIGHT, with the crocheted bind off – which was SUPERtight, and let’s just forget crab stitch ever existed, shall we? B/C I’m a lefty and… yeah. Just forget it ever existed.

Neato B-day present:
My friend Robyn gave me a Strong’s Concordance. So-called because you have to be STRONG to carry the thing – it’s BIG, and likely to get heavy, were it to be carried around much. In any case, it was an awesome present, because a) I’m a student, and I love exegesis, and b) I wouldn’t have bought one for myself. Thanks Robyn!

Well, it’s bedtime. I have volunteered to help with kid check-in for Awanis on Wednesday nights, and tomorrow is also knitting night, and in addition, I’m tired and there is great potential for being cranky if I’m tired. and that simply won’t do. So goodnight. :)

Pictures soon.


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