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I’m back! and I have pictures!!!!

Posted by Miss Knotty on August 5, 2006


Well, you’ve heard the hype, now here’s a picture!
Seraphim! (please try to imagine the colors toned down to not-neon)

Sock Yarn from various excursions (most recently to Ft. Worth Shops
August 3, 2006 022
From left to right, the yarn is:

Opal in Flamingo, Onlinie Caribic Colors, Cherry Tree Hill in Life’s a Beach, Sockotta in pinks and yellows, and Trekking XXL – I’ve (obviously) split the balls down into 50 gram twins for some socky action!

This is my early birthday present from my Wednesday and Thursday night knitting buddy, Erica –
August 3, 2006 013

The book is only a loaner, but the spindle:

and the Roving:
August 3, 2006 019
August 3, 2006 020(the label, for anyone interested in this absolutely beautiful colorway)

Are all mine, baby! I’ve already started in. I felt kinda eh about using such beautiful roving for my first foray into spinning, but I’m convinced that using this stuff is helping me, by making me go very slowly and keep myself from turning this beautiful stuff into just a big ole unfortunate mess.

In other news, I haven’t gotten hardly any knitting done since Wednesday, save a row on Seraphim (I’m in the stockinette increase portion of Ms. Felton’s design (Miriam Felton, of Icarus, Mountain Peaks, and other GORGEOUS knit patterns fame.) P.S. She’s having a little pattern sale – check it out here. I’m loving this crazy striping pooling colorway of Knitpicks Sock Garden 100% merino, in Gardenia color – It looks like fire to me, so I figure a pattern named for a fiery angel/angel on fire should also look like it’s on fire. The colors, while not what I would normally use (oranges and yellows do not often make an appearance in my wardrobe), are really close to my heart on this pattern. I love it every time the yarn changes color. It’s just magical to me. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m down to the end of my first ball now, about to go to the 2nd little skein.

Part of what blew my mind about this project, along with the pattern, which I LOVE, is the fact that the yarn I purchased for it was not really that expensive – I’m knitting this shawl for under $20, including the shipping cost. However, if you count that I had to purchase a larger circ for it, it’s putting it over $20, but the needle was something I would have bought anyway, so I’m not sweating there. Anyway, I’m up to 207 stitches on the needle, and I need to increase by 40 more (4 inc per rs row) so I’m trucking along.

I’ve also almost completed a pair of Tulip Toes, but need to do the i-cord and the weaving in and blocking, I’m working on a pair of Knucks, and I’ve been (ahem) commissioned to knit a hat by a friend of mine from church, who really really REALLY wants a beanie. And I found him a pattern for one, Halfdome. Also from Knitty. I truly am a Knitty Head, don’t you think?! I don’t have a problem with that though, because the patterns they put out are so sublime!

More pictures soon. :)
Oh, and I’ll start the second jaywalker in magic stripes, and my second ball of ms seems to have disappeared. I am searching for it, but not iwth much haste, seeing as how I have so many projects to finish (like the border on the baby blanket and seaming up TMP.

Night, all! There’ll be pictures on a semi-regular basis now, hopefully.


One Response to “I’m back! and I have pictures!!!!”

  1. geeyouknit said

    I LOVE the colors on the shawl. It looks wonderful!–>

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