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Okay. I’m a goober. Goooooober. Longish, but lots of knitting content.

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 25, 2006

In other news, **** wasn’t at church this weekend. No sleuthing. It happens. I’m not really that worried about it. I figure if it’s meant to happen, God’ll make it happen. If not, then I can have faith that God will bring me His choice in His time. Besides, singlehood isn’t so bad. It gets lonely sometimes, but you have a LOT of advantages:

Five Reasons it’s great to be single, in no particular order:
1. No stash explaining – that’s between me and God (and my credit card companies)
2. No pressure from my parents to have children – because that would be putting the cart before the horse, now wouldn’t it? Although I have to say that the Lovely and Talented Mrs. Younger Brother has taken the pressure off all of the kids and daughters-in-law for a while – she and Younger Brother will soon be the proud parents of the first grandchild, a girl, I’m told, in late November. Mrs. Older Brother is angling for New Niece to be born on the 29th – her birthday – We’ll see how New Niece cooperates with Auntie Mrs. Older Brother. Way to go, Mr. and Mrs. Younger Brother!
3. You can run around the house in any state of dress or undress – again, with no explanation – can you tell I’m big on not having to explain my actions or justify my behaviour to anyone (except God)? Like putting a ‘u’ in behaviour (or colour, if I feel like it), even though I’m a NATIVE TEXAN?! Nyah!
4. You’re responsible for yourself. I like this, even though some people would put it on the disadvantages list, because you are accountable. It keeps me accountable to God, and it spurs me to stay more on the straight and narrow, because I can’t explain away sin and blame it on anyone. Nobody’s here for me to blame. Not that anyone can actually, successfully explain sin away, but it’s certainly hard when you were alone when you were sinning, isn’t it?
5. Things stay where you put them – people don’t move your stuff around when you’re not looking – which is a HUGE bonus.

So to the title of my entry:

I’ve started yet another project, without finishing a project beforehand:
So, along with what I’ve got on the needles already
Seraphim – In Knit Picks Sock Garden 100% (and wonderfully soft) Merino;

Tulip Toes – I’m on bootee two of two (of COURSE) and still need to block the petals and weave in ends on bootee one, but these are SOOO cute – I have to recommend them. I knitted the 3-6 mo bootees using Katia Mississippi 3, 100% cotton fingering weight, and they’re so soft and so lovely and SOOOO CUTE! Did I mention they’re WAY CUTE!;

The Multidirectional Scarf (which is STILL on the needle. Truly.) in Gemstone by Joann’s Sensations (amalgam yarn, but soft and muppet-like with it’s multi-colored slubby goodness);

I started also Knucks from Knitty – in Encore DK, a 75/25% acrylic/wool blend from Yarn & Stitches, that I bought MANY MOONS ago to knit a scarf which only half materialized before I became bored and frogged it out. It’s a great scarf, but I just got tired of it, and realized that I would never wear it. So the DK in a beautiful burgundy color has just been sitting, languishing away in my stash and exhorting me to use it for something cool. Something, anything cool. So it’s going to be Knucks. I can tell it is happy with this future. Because Knucks are cool. I’m going to be joining a Knucks Knitalong, and hopefully I’ll be getting a digital camera soon, to chronicle my projects in a picture-tells-a-thousand-words kinda way. (Hint Hint) Pentax Optio S4 (/hint hint) (really puts the ‘b’ in subtle, doesn’t it?)

I also bought 4 balls of new sock yarn on Saturday in Fort Worth Shops I don’t normally get to:

1 Ball of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, in Life’s a Beach (think Kermit the Frog colors – greens and yellows)
1 Ball of Trekking XXL in Color 101
1 Ball of Onlinie Supersocke 100 Caribic Color in Color 732; and
1 Ball of Sockotta in Color 617

This is on top of the 2 balls of Lion Magic Stripes Yarn in Easter/Spring color (the name escapes me at the moment, but it’s faux fair isle with greens and pinks and yellows. It makes me think of easter eggs) .

and (the best for last:) the Pretty Denim Magic Stripes yarn my Thursday Night Knitting Buddy gave me.

I’m a bad, bad stash dieter. Baaaad. I’ve done the stash-diet equivalent of picking up a handbasket and loading it with Haagen-Dazs. I wanna start socks badly. BADLY.

I also picked up a Chibi with one of those small embroidery chibi’s included. Woot! No sooner did I purchase a new one, but I got home and thought of a place I hadn’t looked on Friday Night, and located my old Chibi. Great. Oh well, now I have one to give away. Neato! I picked up a great sweater pattern (for only $2.40!!!) for a cardigan/shrug – it’s TECHNICALLY a shrug, but it’s longer than a booby-hugger, and the fit is friendlier for the more (ahem) pear-shaped among us. Just sayin’.

So that’s the Goober-Quotient right now. I’m going to take a shower and get ready for the big-client-visiting-day tomorrow. Oh. Goody. At least my desk seems tidy. (I said seems.)

Now, a quick survey, for my knitting-oriented readers: I found some knots in yarn I bought for the Mystery Project. Like 3 in 10 balls – 30% of the balls had knots. GRIPE! I sent an e-mail to the yarn supplier in question, and I’m hoping they’ll at least be aware of the problem. I love the yarn, but it’s pretty Knotty – even for me, Ms. Knotty herself.

In an effort not to bias anyone, I’m not going to disclose the name of the yarn producer, but would you have done the same thing? I mean, by the time I found the knot, the ball was half-used, the strands had been wound together (My project called for the yarn to be held double so I used my handy-dandy ballwinder to ball it up and thought I felt some knots as I was balling it up, but I was going fast and I couldn’t be sure. So when I came across it as I knitted along, I was a little huffy and put out. A knitting friend of mine told me that even if I wasn’t going to send it back, that I should at LEAST let the company know about the knot problem – I mean, 30% of my order of ten balls had knots. This is bad proportion and (I hope), not indicative of the overall product. I’ll let you dear readers know if I get a response back.


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