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little-big annoyance and small update

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 21, 2006

Before I get to the ‘me me me’ portion of my blog (don’t think that the irony of that statement is lost on me), I’d like to share that my friend Wendy is winging her way to Britain (and may already have arrived there!) for a mission trip. Please send prayers, thoughts, and general good mojo her way while she’s in England, and while you’re at it, jump over to her blog and drop a few encouraging words. They’re so great to hear, after all. :)

Okay, on to the ‘me me me’ portion of my blog. I know you’ve all been waiting. But it’s paid off, see, b/c we’re here!

Little -> BIG annoyance. I can’t find my chibi case. With my chibis in it. This is annoying. Big annoying. B/C I know that it’s around here somewhere, and not only that, that the moment I break down and buy a new one (they’re not expensive, it’s just the principle of the thing), I’ll find the old one, with the chibis in perfect working order. Punk needles. They mock me. I keep trying to think back to the last time I saw them, and I believe it was about the time when I was calling out ‘I’ve finished! I’ve finished the baby afghan!’, sometime in June. After I got the ends woven in. Now granted, I still have to make up my mind on a border and execute said border, but the ends are woven in. And that, my friends, is a big step, when there are 110 ends to weave in. (55 blocks, 2 ends on each block = 110 ends. Yes, folks. I did my math. Yes, my OCD friends, I counted them off as I wove them in. I am truly a freak.) On an up-note, though, I know how to knit mitred squares and pick up stitches (and weave in ends) like a pro. No, I won’t do this on your projects. It’s part of the process. Chant that while you kitchener your own socks.

Now, for my non-knitter friends (of which there are what, like 3 of you? – I’ll convert you soon. muahahahaa!), fear not. Chibi are not some bizarre cult activity, or a device of said bizarre cult activity. Chibis are these great little yarn needles with a little bend in the end, about 1cm worth of bend, and they’re absolutely MARVY for weaving in ends, kitchenering, etc. Which, if you were knitters, you would already have known. (Join us! It’s fun in here. Truly! And you get to wear what you finish! Who doesn’t love that?!)

So anyway, that’s that. Now, I’ve been knotty. I started some new projects before I finished my old projects *coughcoughSeraphimcoughcough*- I started the Tulip Toes from the new Knitty, and Knucks, also from the new Knitty. I Heart Knitty. I mean, it’s not like there aren’t tons of other cute fingerless mitts patterns, like Fetching, or any number of other fingerless mitts patterns that have shown up over the last several months (like those awesome ones in Interweave’s Spring issue, with the contrasting cuff and bind off? cute. Way cute). But I used stash yarn (dk weight), and dpns I already had (yes, I’m using dpns. Shutup, DPNs.), so I don’t have to buy new needles. So I’m being kinda good. Even though I cast on for a new project and the second Tulip Toe booty isn’t done yet, and Seraphim is sitting at a measly 80 stitches on each side of the center (plus 4 garter stitches, 2 on each edge), and it needs to be 121 sts on either side of the center, but who’s counting? (besides me, of course?) , and I’m procrastinating on the border, and while the knitting is all complete on The Mystery Project (dunh dunh dunh!), it’s still not been assembled into anything that people might, you know, recognize yet? And in my defense, I’ve had to seek out guild help on that,b/c the pattern’s finishing instructions are, uhm, how to put this politely…. INSANE. They have me sewing. I don’t sew. I quilted for like…. an hour, before I lost interest and realized that I had to measure twice and then pin and pin and pin and unpin and re-pin….. right. Yeah. Hated it. You understood correctly. So sewing is a drag there. But there’s not much of it, from what I can tell, and it’s going to be hidden sewing. Gasp! Yes. Hidden.

But still, I’m casting on for Knucks. And I’m enjoying it. so there. Nyeah. Oh, and I’m looking for my Chibis. Maybe the Chibi disappearance is actually owing to the starting of the knucks. Hmmm. Will have to look into this shift. Right after I do the second finger.

Happy knitting!

Oh, for all of you who were hanging on tenterhooks trying to figure out what I’m going to do about the guy in my Sunday School, (yeah, both of you,) I’m going to just chill and see how he acts around other ladies in the class, and see if he is as generous and polite and kind with all of them, or if he actually IS singling me out. I’ve got odds on that he’s NOT, and that he’s just genial, and I’m making a mountain out of a molehill (a typical occurence at chez knotty), and that I need to just cool my jets and realign my motives. I’m not at church to meet a husband. In fact, **** is the first man I’ve actually had a genuine interest in in a long, long time (people who have known me for a while can attest to this). In any case, though, I’m not there to find a husband. I’m there to deepen my relationship with the Lord. I don’t deny that it’s nice to have someone there that I like looking at, while I’m deepening my relationship with the Lord, but if I’m looking at someone, then my focus isn’t really on the Lord, is it? So I’m gonna have to take a page from ‘Lady in Waiting’ and examine my motives, and make sure that what I’m looking at is not ****, but the cross. If **** is the man the Lord meant for me, then he’ll wait, or he’ll at least make it known, somehow.

Anyway, there’s the update. I’m going to play ‘sleuth’ a little bit, and see what I see.

Now, on with the search for the Missing Chibis. Golly but this is irksome.

Anyway, that’s the knews that is from Knottyville. Goodnight.


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