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A moment of silence…. and then a series of digressions.

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 9, 2006

For our dear departed projects. Sent to the frogpond tonight was The Vicki Doily – who fought valiantly to round 44 of 51, then was ruthlessly betrayed by its “friend”, the size 2 double pointed needle. Some of the stitches came off the end of one of the needles and ran. Oooh they ran. Then some more decided that that seemed like a fun idea, and so leapt off the needle, like so many lemmings, running and sliding to their ultimate demise, despite my frantic cries of ‘No, no, NO! I can fix it, I can fix it!’, and equally frantic attempts at correcting the stitches’ foolhardy move(s). Alas, the dropped stitches became viciously entangled in the yarn-over underbrush and the project was irreparably messed up. It is with chagrin that I had to rip rip rip out each shrinking round of ct3’s and yo’s, of k2togs and s2kp’s. I got a little misty when I got back to the very first round, a modest ring of only 8 stitches and joined in the round. But I collected my thoughts, took a deep breath and wound every bit of the crochet thread back onto the ball, to be re-commenced another day. Goodbye, Vicki Doily, until we meet again. I believe that this may call for learning to knit lace in the round on 2 circulars, instead of sz 2 dpns. Not unlike how I learned to knit SOCKS in the round on 2 circulars instead of dpns.

I realize that there is a very lively debate going on between the dpn users, the magic loop users and the 2 circulars users. I’m glad that people have found methods that work for them. I cast my vote for 2 circulars, even having never cast on or worked a project using magic loop. I’m grateful that the wonderful craft of knitting has so many variations, and I’m thrilled that necessity (and/or hatred of dpns) has again been the mother of invention.

I shake my fist at you, dpns! You have betrayed my project for the last time!!! You are relegated to i-cord. IIIIIIIII-CCCCCOOOOOOOOORRRRRDDDD!!!!

And thus the hex was cast.

I did have to frog the Vicki Doily, owing to a sad loss and run of some stitches. On a slightly less bitter note, Now my DPNs – I curse you dpns – and my sz 2 circulars (I finally finished the first of a pair of Wendy’s Generic Toe-Up (short row toe/heel) socks, and bound off today, so I can start these little darlings that my grandmother was so kind as to purchase the yarn for on our shopping excursion on Saturday. I had such a wonderful time taking my grandmother to the yarn shops. She found this absolutely beautiful ribbon yarn that she just fell in love with. Don’t think I’ve forgotten. {wink}, and I found some really pretty recycled silk yarn that I completely want to knit some fingerless mitts with (using the pattern-a-day Himalayan Wrist Warmer pattern (from waaaay back when – February 10) – but I didn’t buy the yarn, but I did file it away that they have it. My grandmother said she quite enjoyed listening to the ladies at the LYS talk and knit. She said it reminded her of just getting together with the gals and chatting away about just everything.

We also went shoe-shopping. We found shoes, but not the ones Mema was really looking for. The search for the elusive comfy shoe that’s also stylish is still on, and we had an absolutely lovely lunch at TGI Friday’s – yummy. That’s all I’m sayin. YUMMY. I loves me a Friday’s Club Sandwich.

I went to church on Saturday night this week, instead of Sunday morning. I have been having a hard time getting up in the mornings (again), likely owing to my erratic sleeping patterns. In any case, rather than sleeping through church and then feeling dreadfully guilty about it, I opted to go to the Saturday night service and ABF (read: Sunday School), so that I wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping through. It was nice, and I got to meet some new people. I’m frustrated right now, partly because I really like my Sunday School class that I’m already a member of, which meets on Sunday morning. I really like the people in the class, they’re fun, and interesting, even though I have a hard time relating to them, as their hobbies and mine are…. Well, we have nothing in common, it seems. I like many kinds of music, and I listen to podcasts and I don’t watch ANY television* and I knit and play World of Warcraft, and it would seem that no one else in the class enjoys these things. They’re all very physical people. Not physically affectionate, I mean, but physically active, they play kickball and volleyball and softball, and likely basketball and flag football as well, and they all have absolutely fit physiques as a result. I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb in such a fit crew, but they accept me with all of my bizarre idiosyncracies, with politely confused expressions when I go on about a book I’m enjoying or a podcast I’m liking, or a knitting project that I’m working on, and then kindly nod and introduce me to another new person. A politely confused expression which I then mirror when they start talking about television programs that they are really into, but that I don’t watch, or sports that they follow, or a team league that they’re forming to play some sport or other. The only thing we really have in common, all of us, is that we love the Lord, and we worship Him together. And that’s as it should be.

Despite differences, we still seem to like each other and get along, and enjoy each other’s company, despite our obvious differences. It bothers me a lot that I don’t seem to be able to climb out of bed on Sundays to go and meet with my class, and I’ve spent the last two Sundays distinctly bothered that I missed church and ABF and their company. There was no ABF meeting on the 4th of July holiday weekend, owing to the holiday. I’m going to have to be careful to set my alarm and to get to bed on time so that I get up to attend.

Thus endeth the digression.

*people don’t believe me when I tell them this, but it’s true. I don’t have a working antenna. I cannot get any channels. So I don’t watch ANY television. I used to, when I had digital cable and all the good channels, but I cut that, and I don’t miss it. Much. I used to like the Food Network and cartoon network, and I loved that show with the guys that build custom motorcyles – the Tuttles, but really? I don’t miss the time spent in front of the tube. If I want to watch something while I’m knitting (what?), I put on a movie – preferably something I’ve seen before so that I don’t have to pay that much attention to it, but can hear the talking as I merrily knit along). Or I put on a podcast or some music from my mp3 library, which has no visual stimulus whatever, and I knit along, thinking and knitting and thoroughly enjoying myself, despite the lack of television. And also enjoying that I am not bound by a tv schedule and shows that I ‘simply must watch’. I will say, however, that I quite enjoyed watching Numbers when I visited my Granny in East Texas a few weeks ago – that was a cool show.**

**And that mathematician guy with the dark features and curly hair – sigh. One word – handsome. That’s all I have to say about that. I may have to look into finding that series on DVD, if it exists. Smart guys…. hubba hubba. Smart and funny guys – even better. I realize that that actor (that divinely handsome actor)’s lines are sketched out by a team of brilliant writers, and that it is not wit and brilliance in and of himself, but a girl can dream (hope) that such beauty and brilliance could exist in one creature. I know I’m holding out for a man that may or may not exist. I’m okay with that.


One Response to “A moment of silence…. and then a series of digressions.”

  1. Wendy said

    Hey chica,

    Good news! Numbers: Season 1 is out on DVD. I saw it at Walmart yesterday. =)
    Also, be assured that there are guys out there that God has gifted to be both handsome and brilliant, or at least mega-cute and intelligent. And God has one out there for you and me. We just have to continue to be obedient to Him and just like in the book of Ruth, God will introduce us to our knights in shining armor.

    Have a great week, hon!

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