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I didn’t fall off the face…

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 28, 2006

I’m okay. I’m here. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, although occasionally it may seem so. I’ve just been very busy. Very busy knitting, among other things.

I have survived the last 2 weeks, despite a threatening noise in my car engine (and just before my inspection is due… great.), frustrations relating to changing the gauge but not the size of a knitting pattern – the MYSTERY PATTERN (Duhn duhn dunh!) – I’ve ALMOST got this figured out, and I’m 1/2 way through the mystery project.

I’ve begun the 2×2 rib on a sock using Wendy’s Pattern, but putting in my own little lace pattern at the top – okay not really my own, but the Arches and Pillars pattern from the April 29/30 calendar pattern on my pattern-a-day calendar. I did 2 repeats, and now I’ve decreased and I’m doing the ribbing (snore).

I’ve begun Seraphim! Okay, I ACTUALLY started it about 2 weeks ago on a car trip with my mother. I’ve started it. However, it’s 100% Merino Wool and a little hot in the lap and/or hands for working on it here in the sweltering, drought-ridden, hot depths of Northeast Texas (I know there are hotter places. I haven’t been to them. This is the heat I know. Take that, logic!).

I’ve fallen in love with Kakuro number-crossword logic puzzles. These are very hard. But very neat! They’re like Sudoku in that they involve the numbers 1-9 on each row, non-repeating. That’s where the similarities end.

I’ve survived a sinusitis attack with the help of Benadryl, Claritin and Sudafed (more like the store-brand generic versions of these medications, but who’s counting?)

I’ve had various rendez-vous with various knit groups in the North Texas area, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. I’m a knitting fiend.

I started a little lace headband from the Interweave Knits Summer issue (from the web). – It’s the headband that the girl in dreads is wearing, using sock yarn left over from the first pair of socks I ever did, and size 5 needles. It’s such a small project that I’m working it on 2 dpns – easy peasy. It’s my purse project right now. It should be finished before the end of this week, I think. It’s gone so fast, I only have about 2″ to go and then 12″ of I-cord. Oh Goody.

I procured size 8 dpns to do applied i-cord edging to the baby afghan – which I have not yet begun to apply, b/c of the afore-mentioned uncomfortable heat. Acrylic blanket in lap = not feasible right now. Soon. Not now. I may start it soon though, in the comfort of Starbucks ultra-air-conditioned wonderfulness – it gets so cold in there that I theoretically could knit with the afghan in my lap in relative ease and comfort.

I’ve started 3 (three!) new characters on World of Warcraft – a troll priest called Zuelarus – lvl 10 already!(Steamwheedle Cartel), a Tauren Shaman called Eunice – lvl 7 or so, (Aerie Peak), and a Tauren Druid called Leyoatamioux – lvl 10 on yet another server, whose name I don’t remember. (all RP servers).

The WoW stuff is probably irrelevant to you unless you play, but I spend time on that game when I’m not knitting, so it’s relevant to me. So there.

I splurged a little on the credit card and bought myself a little desktop oscillating fan for my apartment – it gets miserably hot in there in the daytime, and mostly because there’s no air moving. So I bought myself a little $15 jobbie from CVS on my credit card. Prolly shouldn’t have done that – credit cards are bad. But I had to do SOMETHING so that I could stay home (and not spend money).

I also participated last weekend in DallasOne, a city-wide service project with about 500 other singles from 42 other churches in the metroplex last Saturday (6/24) – it was AWESOME. The worship was wonderful, the service project was work, but it was really rewarding, and humbling work. I was working at the Dallas Life Foundation, a homeless shelter near Downtown Dallas. I painted window frames with two other ladies.

It was pretty cool. This one guy offered to buy me a cup of coffee, but I was afraid if I took him up on it, that I would be napping in an hour – I’d just had lunch, and I was already sleepy! He was really sweet to offer, though. I can’t wait until next year!!!

Anyway, that’s the short version.


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