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Done! But not Really! Started! Really!

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 12, 2006

Finished: Rambling Rows Baby Afghan
But not really: Still have to do the 600+ st border. My grandmother recommended doing a little crocheted border, just to stabilize it, rather than picking up a giant border – I’m considering this. It might be fun to do, and easier than managing all those increases. I was also thinking about doing an applied i-cord around the whole edge – I think it would look nice, but how would the corners work? I don’t want the border to be inflexible. But I don’t also want the blanket to be not-sturdy, since (as a baby blanket) it will be in and out of the washing machine on a regular basis.
So what would be better? (for looks AND stability)
Applied I-cord border
Garter stitch border
crocheted border

Started, really: TMP!
The yarn arrived for TMP Monday evening, I swatched Tuesday, I got help with gauge on Wednesday, and I cast on and worked a bunch on Friday/over the weekend – it’s coming together, and quickly, and it looks AWESOME. In fact, I may have to do one for myself when I finish the current one, depending on how I like it once finished. In exciting news, I found a sub yarn for TMP so that it won’t cost an arm and a leg to complete the project – happiness!!!

Also OTN (aside from TMP):
Seraphim Shawl – it’s growing with every row. Right now it’s plain stockinette with 4 inc per RS row. I’m knitting it in fingering weight on sz 7s, and the variegation is pooling with abandon – and I really like the effect. I think it’s going to look WONDERFUL worked up. I still have about 100 increases to go before I can start the openwork. Also, the pattern grades into lace from a straight stockinette, and I LOVE the way it looks, and even gives a ‘lace primer’ of sorts, by getting gradually more and more difficult down to the bottom of the shawl and the bind-off. I’m gonna have to find some lifeline string quick. I guess it’s to the sporting goods at Walmart I go (I’ve read on a bunch of knitting sites that fishing line is the lifeline of choice, so I’m going to try it out, when I get to that point.)

Also! Father’s day is coming up. What on earth should I get my daddy? EEK!

The rest of this week, my calendar is EMPTY, and I’m striving to keep it that way. I’ve been gone too much the last couple weeks, and I miss my kitties, and my apartment is messy, and I want to get some stuff done and cleaned up, and that’s all there is to it. So I’m home this week. Home!

Hopefully pictures soon. I’m going to borrow someone’s digicam and shoot some stuff, so you, my poor, dear readers, can know what I’ve been going on and on about these last few weeks. Poor, dear readers. I understand your plight, and I’m grateful for your patience. If you would like to rock my world, my birthday is August 10, and I would LOVE a digital camera (with good zoom and a flash) so that I can post up some pictures of knitting projects and life in general. Just sayin’.



One Response to “Done! But not Really! Started! Really!”

  1. Titine24 said

    Hello Whimsy – Peace be upon your household as it gets cleaned! When you cannot get to it in a while, it becomes almost a privilege to clean one’s abode — almost.
    I found a source of inexpensive yarn which only needs to be relaxed in Eucalan before knitting it into a frenzy of gifts — on ebay xxxphlupheexxx – there is some gray cotton (3,000 yds.) for your corset-thingy (my offer was for wool, but that is a no-go for Texas, I realize) for about $2.00.
    Can’t beat that.

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