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Hey there!

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 30, 2006

Hope everyone out there in the blogosphere had a great memorial day – I did.
I went out to Scarborough Faire for its final day, saw some old friends, made a couple new ones, hung out, danced, acted my little patootis off, got weirded out by an old (47 is old when you’re 25, and he’s flirting with you – ew) guy who was ‘flirting’ with me (read: trying and failing to be charming, and instead just grossing me out) – Get this, girls. He had ‘that gleam’ in his eyes – you know the one, and kept talking about how I’m ‘safe’ because I’m his daughters’ age – ‘Safe’ how? I mean, really. Does it mean I’m ‘safe’ from his (unwanted) advances and uncomfortable overtures – apparently not. I guess it means I’m ‘safe’ from him making any kind of REALLY offensive offer. Then, he tells me the real kicker, that he’s a chaplain for the Scots – he’s (alleged) CLERGY and he’s hitting on me? But it’s okay, I’m ‘SAFE’. Ahem.

For the record, I did not feel ‘safe’ – whatever ‘safe’ means. I felt like he was pursuing me and it freaked me right out. He kept mentioning his daughter – ooooh kay? I was just trying to find a dance partner. I got the sense that he wasn’t one of those people that does any acting.

I, on the other hand, do NOT go out to Scarby to do anything BUT acting. Flirting out there is flirting out there – it’s not real, just like it’s not ACTUALLY England and not ACTUALLY 1534. But apparently, that fact escapes some people. I’m just grateful that he didn’t follow me out the gates, cuz I woulda had to kick some…. you know, at that point.

Played some Farkel (or Farkle) with some fun folks, the rank beginner won over the veteran players (no surprise there – ther’s a lot of luck in that game, and beginner’s luck counts for a lot). But it was fun all the same.

The veterans marched in parade, and my granddad got to march too! WWII vet – aww yeah. He said he kept getting stopped and thanked by pretty young ladies. My reply was that it’s sure good that Mema’s nearby or he might be in a heap of trouble. My cousins also came out and we got to do some running about – that was cool. :)

It was neat to hear that so many of the veterans were stopped and thanked (they had yellow ribbon sashes on) and thanked for their service, and for protecting our country. One of the boothies (Sakeeta) said it was a real departure from marching (and/or showing their military or veteran status) and being reviled, which he experienced when he first came back from Vietnam.

Can you imagine that? I mean, I ‘ve seen it on film, people protesting and verbally abusing vets, but …. man. I can’t even imagine it. What a horror. In any case, I’m really glad that that’s not the status quo right now, and I hope it will never be so again.

Anyway, to all the veterans, of any age, of any war – thank you for serving. Thank you for protecting our freedoms. We all owe you a great debt – even if we have a crummy way of showing it.

Oh, knitting – you wanted knitting? My bad.

I’m on square 47 of 55 of baby rambling rows – once finished, there’ll be an end-weaving fest and I have to pick up and knit the border – oh, goody. I’m thinking the lavender for that. (Edit: Make that square 49 of 55. 6 to go, baby. 6. to. go. Woooo!

In other news, the yarn color that I wanted for TMP apparently is no longer made – Debbie Bliss, I shake my fist at you!!! Why do you no longer make the perfectly neutral color that I wanted?!! My teeth are gnashing, woman!! Gnashing!

-tantrum over-

So I have to go back to the yarn shop and pick a new color. Oh no! Not another trip to the yarn shop! Boo hoo.

-sarcasm over-

-okay not really-

-going back to work now-

More later. :)


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