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Saturday – a mystery knitting adventure

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 21, 2006

Let me first say that I’m sorry for the recent lack of pictorial content – I have very little to show, no camera, and … very little to show. I’m gift-knitting right now, so even if I had something to show, I couldn’t show it, because I don’t know if the intended recipient reads my blog. Since she’s never commented, I’m inclined to think not, but one never knows, does one? So. Sorry for the lack of content. Someday I’ll get a digital camera (maybe) and when I do, look out. You’ll get to see updated WIPs as they go along, not just FO’s that I imposed on someone to take pictures of just for little ole me.

I’m soon to cast on for a new project. A Mystery Project. It’s a gift for an undisclosed member of the family, and it’s actually a deal between my dad and me that I’ll knit the Mystery Project (hereinafter referred to as “TMP”), and he’ll purchase the yarn for it and claim it as his present to the undisclosed family member.

I went my lys today to purchase the yarn for TMP and I found what feels like a good color to me. It’s neutral. I decided to ix-nay on colors because I don’t know the preferred color palette for the undisclosed family member, and I don’t know if I use color, if said family member will use it. So I picked a nice neutral color and placed my order. It’s going to be in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK. That’s all I’m saying.

There’ll be updates (and maybe pictures, someday, if I ever get a digital camera – gosh I’d like one of those! (My birthday is August 10 and I’d like 3 megapixels or better – just sayin’)) as TMP progresses, and hopefully pictures, once TMP reaches its intended recipient.

In other news, the baby afghan rolls along – I’m on Square 36 of 55 – progress progress!

I got an oil change today, and apparently I have an oil pan leak and a transmission leak. I’m not looking forward to getting the$e thing$ repaired, a$ it’$ going to $eriou$ly affect my yarn budget. Imagine, if you will, my displeasure at this chain of events. But I have to have a car to get to work, so that I can earn money to buy gas and get to the LYS – so I guess my options are limited. I’m going to take the car in next week and have it looked at by the family mechanic, and get an estimate for having the repairs done. I also need to get the brakes checked, I need a new battery, a tire rotation, and probably a radiator flush. So guess where my priorities are going to be in the next few months. Oh. Goody. Oh well. It’s a good car, and it was free, and so my only costs are maintenance and gasoline, and maybe maintenance will improve the mileage, so I’m going to try and be a cheerful car-fixer-upper.

I said try. I didn’t say I’d succeed. But that’s okay. I’m working on that too.

All other knitting projects at this time have been put on hiatus, and I’m trying to be a monotonous- I mean, monogamous knitter until I finish the afghan and TMP. We’ll see how that goes.

Before the projects went on Hiatus, I frogged Jaywalker sock 2 of 2 – I had lost 3 stitches somewhere and didn’t even realize it until I was working on my heel and noticed the discrepancy – someone needs to be paying better attention to her work. So I got mad and then ripped out the yarn.

Question – how does one relax the yarn back so that it doesn’t have that crimped look? Should I pull the ball all out and make a skein and weigh it down? Is that the best way? I don’t have a niddy-noddy, so how should I go about making this skein? Please lend your advice, as I would like to relax this yarn out and have it ready (to ball back up) and start the sock again once the afore-mentioned projects are finito.


One Response to “Saturday – a mystery knitting adventure”

  1. Titine24 said

    If you don’t mind a teeny little splice (where you actually cut the yarn and then overlap them about three inches and then re-knit with both until the shorter one ends and the longer one takes over) you can frog back to where you want to start again, cut the yarn, and then make a very primitive niddy-noddy out of your bent elbow! I learned this as a way to keep the garden hose from tangling, but it is a skein-maker of the best kind when you don’t have the disposable income for a niddy-noddy.) You pinch the beginning of the yarn you want to skein with your right thumb and forefinger. With your left hand, you bring the trailing yarn down to your elbow and go over the sun-tannable side and come back up to your pinched fingers along the pale side of your forearm. As you get close to your hand end bring the yarn over the back of your hand and under the palm so it folds over the right side of the back of your hand, open your pinched fingers and let the yarn come through your thumb “gusset” area and you have just made a figure 8 around your hand and elbow. Repeat this until your yarn runs out, and you can soak this in a Eucalan bath in tepid water, and the crinkles will come out. Then you can re-wind your ball and re-join your sock knitting adventure.

    Wasn’t that more than you wanted to know? Blessings on your efforts!!

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