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So…. things that have been going on. Ambivalence and other ramblings:

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 10, 2006

I was recently introduced to Quixtar, by attending a makeover/skincare party, and then a dinner meeting and a couple of seminars. I am not an IBO, although I may be listed somewhere as a Client, as I was recently gifted some skin products for attending a makeup party-type thing. I like the products, the moisturizer feels good and isn’t smelly, and I can tell that the facial wash and toners are improving my skin, at least in my estimation.

I’ll grant that the fact that I now wash my face and use toner and moisturizer twice daily with cleansing products that are specifically for facial skin may have a bearing on this, whether the products are actually working or if my improved regimen is the thing being effective.

before Artistry cleanser/toner/moisturizer, I used
Ivory soap when I showered, and (generic store-brand) Noxema Sensitive cleanser in the am, when I thought of it. Usually I didn’t.
Body Shop Supercharged Sea Minerals toner (b/c it smells really good) – discontinued. I just had a lot from when I worked there in 2002.
BSSSM Moisturizer, when needed. I find that I generally only need moisturizer on my cheeks and neck (this is moisturizer with no SPF, mind, just straight moisturizer), and also b/c it smelled good. MMM it smells very fresh, like fresh-cut herbs from the garden, not all chemical-y.
When I go outside: Coppertone SPF 30 sunscreen all over – face, arms, anywhere I thought sun exposure might occur. Usually only my face neck and arms. When I was a rennie, I would apply liberally on and around the ‘Tudor W’. (For non rennies, that’s the upper chest and cleavage area, as wenches got a lot of sun exposure on this region, which was one of the only uncovered areas on our exalted personages. :D

Anyway, yeah, I didn’t use specialized facial products, except eye makeup remover (lancome bi-facil ROCKS) because my eyes are sensitive to just anything.

So now I’m using Artistry’s moisturizing line, which I’m using largely because it was free to me (after I paid the $25.00 machine fee – yeah, don’t ask. I thought it was kind of weird, too, but whatever), and gas to get to the lady’s house. So we’ll round the overall cost (not including my time) to $30.00.

All told, I’m enjoying the cleansing system, it hasn’t made my skin break out (in allergic reaction), it has a pleasant smell and feels good when I’m using it. After perusing the non-member, non-IBO prices of these products, I will likely go back to my Noxema Sensitive regimen when I use up this stuff, as it’s on par with mall makeup counter prices, and I find that if I just wash my face daily, my skin is fine.

So anyway, I went to an open meeting on this company and business opportunity (the opportunity is to have a volume-based e-commerce website that uses Quixtar and some other companies, like an online mall) and I came away feeling….. ambivalent. I attributed this ambivalence to ignorance and decided to dig deeper and then base my judgments/feelings on what I learned.

I’ve been reading on both sides of the fence, and I’m still ambivalent. I just…. something smells behind all this shiny. I don’t know…. it just feels….. iffy.

I’m not a big risk taker when it comes to money. I’ll just come right out and say this. I don’t invest (mostly because I don’t have money to invest). So I’ve made some decisions based on this.

I want to take some distance-learning or night classes in finance, money management, and accounting. I want to learn how money works, really works, and get a mentor, and learn how to make money work for me.

But not by buying into something that I don’t feel really secure about. Now, I’m going to read the book they lent me, and listen to the recordings, and I don’t know how these things will make me feel, but if my current feelings are any indication….. Yeah, I’m gonna walk from this.

Now, I was briefly introduced to this on Monday night. I went to another meeting last night (Tuesday). I talked to the guy whose wife got me interested in the group inthe first place tonight (and he recommended some different websites to look at (since the blogs and google searches I was reading were primarily bad. Not to mention I read the Quixtar sites and the numbers on there made me more than a little uncomfortable. The income speculations they put forward seemed more than a little bit …. too shiny.

Okay, it’s only been 3 days. But I’ve been thinking about this a lot the last couple of days, and …… well, thinking’s what I do best. I can analyze a thing to pieces. And so I did.

The pieces aren’t adding up to the whole that was put to me on Monday and Tuesday nights. I hope that the IBOs that I personally know are very successful. Truly. But I think I’m going to stick to shopping in stores and find other ways to earn income for the time being.

In other news, I’m almost done with I Kissed Dating Goodbye (awesome book) and I’m currently reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (concurrent reading because it’s a loaner from the IBOs).

Soon: To finish Charles Swindoll’s David: A Man of Passion and Destiny, and finishing The Great House of God (by Max Lucado) and also on the docket: Lord, I Want to Know You, by Kay Arthur.

I’d also like to state here that I have an insane schedule right now. Like every square in my calendar has something in it.. it’s nutz!! Here’s my next couple weeks, according to my in-the-purse calendar:

5/11 – meeting with my knitting buddy Hi Knitting Buddy! Looking forward to seeing you! It’s been too long!
5/12 – Team Evil show in Deep Ellum – as yet undecided if I’m going to go – I like the band, but I don’t much like Deep Ellum – expensive parking, sub-par drinks, and lots of really rude people. Maybe if I can hitch a ride in with a friend and cut the parking cost. Will have to investigate this.
5/13 – Chillin’ – this day (which was going to be a travel day), is now going to be a Me-time day. Sleeping in, cleaning house, watching movies, and maybe perusing knitting magazines or taking a brief chiller at the LYS. NO buying, mind, just chilling.
5/14 – Mother’s day. Need I say more?
5/15 – Payday!
5/16 – Board Meeting/Knitting at Half Price Books at NW Hwy and Central – come out and knit with us! We’re in the community room, across from the DFW Roleplayers Table
5/17 – church night
5/18 -Meeting again with the IBOs
5/19 Me night- Manicure/Pedicure (self-inflicted), and a long bath are on the docket. Candlelight and jazz may also be on the docket.
5/20 – Birthday party for 1-year old. Don’t ask. Those who know my feelings about children will understand. Later – Food and Game night with ABF
5/21 – Money Matters Seminar and Kickball face-off

See how busy? I have to SCHEDULE me-time!!! It’s a good thing my knitting is highly portable, or I’d never get ANYTHING DONE!

And speaking of my personal favorite time-spending activity: Here’s the knitting update, for those of you gracious, er, um, patient enough to get this far:

Still on the needles, one square at a time – The Rambling Rows Baby Afghan (I’m on Square 29 – more than halfway done!! Woot!) Worsted Weight on Sz 8s
Jaywalker sock 2 of 2 – still working down the cuff – this sock has made my hands hurt – it’s a tight knit on size 1s, but I’ve already done 1 sock, so I feel like it has to be at least a fraternal twin, but if I do more jaywalkers, I’m definitely going up a needle size. or two. I’ve become a tight knitter to begin with, if my swatches for Seraphim are any indication.
Generic Toe Up sock on 2 circs, Sz US 2 – have turned a short-row heel, it actually looks like a sock now. I just have to decide how long I want the cuff. Probably about 2 more inches, I think. The fit is AWESOME from toe-to-heel.
Vicki Doily – no progress on US 2 DPNs
Muppet Scarf – also no progress – On US 10.5
OH! and I swatched for Seraphim shawl! Looks like, after blocking, I get my row and stitch gauge pretty perfectly on a sz 7, two up from the gauge recommended in pattern. Thank goodness for swatching! I have a sz 7 Addi 32″. WOOT!
I still want to knit the porcupine from a couple entries ago.
I still want to knit toe-up, knee-high kilt hose for myself, nevermind that I have really NO USE for these.
I still want to knit up a cardigan from the wool/mohair I got at a DEEP discount
I still want to learn to knit fine lace, and make a fine merino shawl
I still want to knit something out of my bravo yarn, and special thanks to my knitting buddy for finding a gauge-perfect pattern that I’m going to swatch up and see how I feel about – KUDOS! to her, and to Knitpicks. More to her, though.
I still want to…….. Yeah, I have years to fill this in.
I still want to get over my committment-phobia and knit a dang sweater.

(Yes, I have committment phobia. No, it’s none of your business. Yes, I want to commit to a long-term knitting project (see “I still want to learn to knit fine lace”), Yes, I’m afraid of doing that, because any project I commit to for more than a week seems to bore me, unless it’s an obligation or gift.

My knitting hobby, I might add, is the only hobby besides my love for books and reading that has managed to survive with me for more than 6 months – I don’t think blogging has made it this long, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to look and see how far back my archives go.

On a personal/side note in a blog full of personal/sidenotes: Boyfriends don’t generally last long for me. Personally I think this is because the Lord intends me for great things in my singlehood (bachelorettehood?); that marriage and family simply will not fit in those plans. So I’ve decided that I’m not going to press the issue, and I’m going to just let God lead, and worship and pray every day that He’ll use me and prosper me, as I am now, as I will be then, but certainly not keep me ‘in waiting’, marking time for some future time. God has plans for me now, and so it’s in my best interest to get to work on them, and not just sit around lamenting that I don’ t have a boyfriend. Men have their own work to do; and so do I. So lead on, Lord. Lead On.


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