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So…. news!

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 15, 2006

I got baptized last night at church. That was big. It didn’t feel big at the time, it just kind of felt like a dunky dunky in a hot tub, but I got to be baptized by Pastor Jack!!! Woot! Not that Dr. McKinley or Pastor Rylander would have been a let down, but I was really hoping I would get to be baptized by Pastor Jack. He’s so cool. He’s like the nicest guy and funny, and filled with the Spirit, and I just really like him. (You couldn’t tell, could you? :P But Yeah, I was pumped that I got to be baptized by him. So I got baptized, among 90 or so others. 90! All at once. My friend Robyn (when faced with my brother’s snarky comment of ‘thank you, please drive through’ (you stinker.) that it was biblical, that throngs of people used to go to John the Baptist and get baptized, one after another – (JB’s arms must have gotten incredibly tired, I imagine, baptizing so many at once). In any case, I had 15-17 people show up for me, so that was really so encouraging. (In no particular order: Robyn & Roel, Becca, Jeannie, Greg, Wendy, Christina, Tim (aka Mr. Eggplant), Kim, Rhett & Stacey, Josh, and Matt and Jared made a surprise appearance at dinner afterward, too. It was such, SUCH, such!!! a blessing to have so many come and be involved. My granny called this morning also and meantioned how pleased she is, and Mema sent her regrets that she just couldn’t make it, but is convalescing nicely. Fortunately, I can take it to her – they have the DVD edition, (which I will be picking up tomorrow after church service) and she can watch it there. So that’s good. I’m sorry she missed it in real life, but she just got out of the hospital yesterday from her surgery, so I had no expectation that she would be at the service; in fact I might have been a little shocked.

It’s kind of weird, how I feel today. I slept in (until 10) and then rolled it out when the phone started ringing. I talked to my mom, and then also to my Granny (her mom), and then surfed the blogosphere for a while. And so here I am writing one.

I have these bright shining moments of feeling different, of being a ‘new creation in Christ’, and then feeling like the same old me with a new paintjob. I don’t really know what to make of it, besides, Hey! I’m a new Me in an old shell!!!

Dr. McKinley last night said that baptism is emblematic of obedience, that it’s an outward gesture of what the Lord is doing in your life; that it’s your message that You have been saved and are a follower of Jesus; So I’m not sure what else that entails. I’ll definitely spend some prayer time working on that.

Aside from that; I’m looking forward to Easter Service and brunch with my family t0morrow. :)

Today I have errands to run, so I’d best be getting to it. I have to take my swatches for Seraphim over to my LYS and figure out which needle size to use, and I also need to get my oil changed and fluids topped off – in my car, and make sure my radiator’s not leaking. I also need to go by the cellphone store and find out why my call waiting doesn’t work. I also want to go pick up a cross ring or a signet ring or something. I have never been big on wearing religious (or any other kind) of emblem – I just don’t know why, but it’s taken on a curious importance to me, to have a ring, or a cross, or something, an emblem of my service to the Lord, that people know that I am His.

So yeah, full day. And I was supposed to go to a Mary-Kay-type party today, and I can’t get any info about it. Argh.

So errands. Errands and bills. Woot!


3 Responses to “So…. news!”

  1. Shelley said

    Congratulations on the baptism!!! That is wonderful news to share with us!

    What your pastor means, is that by you getting baptized, you are outwardly expressing your faith. You are telling others that you believe in Jesus and Who He is, and that you are dying to the old self and are a new creation in Him. You were showing your obedience to Him by getting baptized (the Bible does tell us that this is something that we need to do, though this is not the part that saves you).

    I got baptized at Easter too, only in 2000…so 6 years ago now :o)

  2. Wendy said

    Hey hon,
    Just wanted to let you know that it was priviledge to get to come & see you get baptized. I am so proud of you!
    Hopefully, your mom has had a change of heart (God’s doing, of course) and is happy for your committment to our awesome Savior.
    In regards to cross rings and jewelry, I was the same way until I got saved. Once I was born-again, I too wanted to show that I am a follower of Jesus.
    Have a great week, Whimsy! Love ya.

  3. taylor said

    Congrats, my dear. I so wish that I had been able to come and see you on that special night. Alas, I was out of town, but I was thinking of you! I am so proud of you for taking that step and that public leap of faith. And I know that our Lord God was filled to the bursting of pride in his little girl… you!


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