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And so long without an update!!!! (Long)

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 9, 2006

What was I thinking!!! It’s been ages since I posted something personal or interesting or knitty.

So Yeah. New News:

I have bought more yarn. Okay. That’s not new news. But it was on saaaaaale bigtime. That was news.

1 Ball of Cherry Tree Hill Hand-dyed Laceweight Merino in an a red-purple-orange-yellow sunset colorway – It included a pair of needles – wee.

6 balls of 55% mohair/45% wool hand dyed DK/maybe Worsted weight yarn – definitely enough for a cardi – we are pleased. Here’s the kicker – it was ALMOST the exact same colorway as the Cherry Tree Hill yarn. Hmm wonder what color family I like?

1 ball of very very fine forest green laceweight 100% merino – for a DOLLAR!

2 balls of tweedy purple yarn – it was single-ply worsted weight- for $2.50 – this is gonna be some PERFECT felting yarn. It’s gorgeous.

1 ball of manos 100% wool in a rich purple that went well with the tweedy purple – for $.50!

4 balls of baby blue shetland laceweight. I’m gonna need to get a niddy noddy or a fishing line measuring tool or something to find out the yardage on this. Same on the dark forest green stuff.

I made out like a bandit, people.
All this shopping was done at a yarn estate sale. Our departed knitter – may God rest her soul and may we know that she is dancing on the golden streets with Jesus in heaven, and knitting with the finest of fine yarns to be had.

Anyway, her husband is a non-knitter and didn’t know what to do with the yarn. Well, my local knitting guild* said ‘Have a yarn sale!!’ Being a non-knitter, he took the wise advice of the knitting-guild mavens, and decided to use the proceeds to set up a trust for his grand-daughters’ college funds. Naturally, I’m thrilled to give into a college fund, as education is for winners!, and I got a benefit above that – I got to take home some of the knitter’s absolutely breathtaking stash. I went out to the sale with my knitting buddy, and we had us a blast.

We also dropped into Simpatico Yarns in Bedford – which is a far voyage to go just for a knit shop**, but if you’re over there anyway, it’s only right that you should take advantage of that guild discount and drop in. Having already made off like a BANDIT at the estate sale, and whilst having tunnel vision about what I had already bought, I foolishly decided to pass on the recycled silk yarn (which is made from recycled saris – so, so beautiful). I fondled roving and (again) felt the desire to learn spinning on a drop spindle – course, with WoW and my 6 or so projects on needles, and blogging, and projects I want to knit and church activities and work that prevents my knitting…. Yeah, so spinning might actually overload my Thanksgiving-style overloaded plate. So I just took a reality pill and focused on the yarn I had already purchased.

Also procured at the yarn sale: 2 pair of needles (which were in the yarn I bought – shweet!) and a row counter.

So… progress: I’ve made it past the cuff on my second Jaywalker – wee I’m merrily knitting down the leg now, not yet to the heel. (These are in Lion Brand Magic Stripes – I love this yarn).

I’ve also: Made some headway on the Vicki Doily – I should be done with that pretty soon, I think. It’s growing appreciably, and I think I only have about 15 more rounds to do until it’s finished. I found a picture of a completed one here; I shouldn’t have been so nosy, it was kind of fun just knitting along and wondering what the finished work would look like. But noooo, I got cuuuurioussss, and went and found out what it looked like. (This is in Hunter Green Crochet Thread – it didn’t have a label, so I can’t tell you what brand or the fiber content, although I think it’s 100% cotton, from the feel of it – I’m knitting it on US 2 dpns)

Bad Whimsy.

Too: I’m swatching for the Seraphim shawl – thus far completed: a swatch on a size 5, and a swatch on a sz 7. Neither of these is right. I’m going to soon start a swatch on a size 6. Hopefully this will hit. This is in Knit Picks 100% Merino Sock Garden yarn, in the Zinnia colorway. We’ll soon find out which needles, though.)

In Addition: The Muppet Multidirectional scarf has come to a halt – only because it’s been hard to pick up this warm, warm piece whilst the weather is topping 70 degrees every day – beautiful weather, but hard to knit mohair/wool/etc. blend – even just having it in my lap is a little warm. (This is in Joann’s Sensations Gem Stone in an eggplant color with jewel toned slubs yarn on a 10 1/2 needle.)

Including, But Not Limited To: A Rambling Rowsbaby afghan for my pregonito SIL, Mrs. Younger Brother. Aside from the color changes, this pattern is EASY. You knit a square and decrease every other row, bind off, pick sts along the edges and repeat. You knit a large square shape, a rectangle and a small square in not-really random order – there is a schematic in the pattern with the order that you pick up, and what color you use – this is an AWESOME pattern. The small square is 1/4 the size of the large square, the rectangle is- you guessed it- half the size of the large square. I’m really enjoying the knitting of this pattern, but the finishing is going to be w-o-r-k work. I have a GAZILLION ends to weave in. I’ll likely be stopping every once in a while and dedicating a knitting session to weaving ends. This is in Caron Simply Soft yarn (100% acrylic) on US 8s.
Let’s Not Forget: I also started a pair of socks, toe-up on circular needles, doing both socks at once. (In Bernat Sox on US 2s)These are going to the frog pond, for now. I just don’t have the time or energy or (for that matter), the desire at this time to work on these. I have to finish the baby afghan, and with 5 other projects on needles and ideas stewing all the time for new ones, it’s time for me to focus.

In the tragic column: I’m babying my wrists right now – I have a touch of the tendonitis, says my doctor, and if I lose my hands, I lose my livelihood, my hobbies, and my independence — this is unacceptable. So I’m following her orders to a T. I’m only knitting if my wrists don’t hurt, I’m stopping if I feel any twinges of pain, and I’m spending less time on the computer than normal, which will hopefully encourage a decrease in general use and a long term savings in terms of hand care. Hopefully. No promises, though.

In the Spirit column: I’ve finished reading Ezra. I will be starting Nehemiah tonight, probably, and it’s a short book, so I may start and finish it in one night.

Then Esther, then…. the canticles!!!! I love love love this part of the Old Testament – I just love it.

Also in the Spirit Column:

We had a really good discussion in my ABF (that’s Sunday School for all you not-really-churchgoers***) about ‘why don’t we always share the gospel and/or why don’t we share it as much as we’d like?’ and it really was a great discussion – I gained a lot by talking and discussing this subject. Sometimes we, as Christians do shy away from sharing the gospel with others, for many reasons: Fear of scrutiny, fear that we might appear ignorant or not have the right answers for the questions, concern over alienating a non-believer, desire for acceptance by the world, … There are lots of reasons. It was really encouraging to hear that other people sometimes have a hard time sharing the gospel, and that there is a remedy for that, and we also discussed some ways to work through that fear/ignorance/sin and really inspire. It also was very important to hear, spoken, that only Jesus saves. People don’t get saved by me. Talking about the Lord will open doors and windows for lost people, but only Jesus does the saving. My knowledge/spirit/whatever may keep the conversation going, but it has to be the Lord who does the works, and we need to give credit where it’s due, and give Him all the praise. Thus endeth the sermon. :) I didn’t mean to get on here and proselytize (sp?). But yeah, that’s what we talked about, and it really actually served a couple of purposes.
1) We’re meant to hide the scripture in our hearts, so that we know what the Lord says. I’m in the process of reading through the Bible, and have made some progress, but I had reached a point when I was starting to feel burdened down by all the Old Testament stuff. This kind of kick-started me to really keep reading for understanding and to remember whe I’ve read, so that if someone asks me a hard question, that I’ll be able to respond intelligently and to, if not directly quote, then at the least cite areas of scripture that support my point, if indeed I had one.

2) We mustn’t forget our Great Commission (Matt 28:18), to be fishers of men (Matt 4:19), and to bring the gospel to those that don’t hear it, don’t know it, or maybe know it but don’t believe, to be bold in our faith like Paul, who was imprisoned but still preached (Eph 6:19), and to be salt in the lives of others, adding flavor and preserving things. (Matt 5:13)

3) I must be watchful for opportunities to share the Lord, and not just be watchful, but to also create those opportunities, to delve deeper into people and really take an interest, rather than just glossing over and splitting smalltalk. Splitting smalltalk is easy.

4) I must be prayerful that when those opportunities arise, that the Lord give me the right words to say and that He’ll guide our conversation so that so that our conversation will glorify the Lord.


*I know some knitters find knitting guilds to be … shall we say…. not to their liking – but I’m not one of those knitters. I feel, if you are a new knitter, that getting involved in one or more SnBs, and joining your local knitting guild is a method of collecting a plethora of information about knitting, techniques and methods to try, workshops, and sometimes, DISCOUNTS AT AREA YARN SHOPS!!!! Which is, naturally, a big bonus for me. I’m all about the discounts, yo.

** Yeah right. I’d drive farther for a knit shop. Really. I went to San Diego for a knit shop. Okay maybe not JUST for a knit shop, but there were knit shops there and I was aching to hit them all week. All WEEK! I didn’t get to go until Friday. Sigh. But I went. Oooh I went. And did I have a time?! Oh yes I did. See my entry wherein I show off my Alpaca Goodness.

***You heathens!! J/K. Some people don’t care for church. Some people don’t believe. Some people hate religion. Some people just haven’t found a church home. I realize this. All that said, I love my church. Love it I think if everyone had a church home as welcoming as Prestonwood, I think more people would attend church. Dr. Graham is inspiring, and so are all of the ministers and leaders. If you live in the Dallas/Addison/Plano area and you’re not a member of a church, or you’re looking for a new church home, or maybe you don’t believe but have questions, or whatever, please feel free to contact me, or to peruse the Prestonwood site. I’m in the Equip class.


2 Responses to “And so long without an update!!!! (Long)”

  1. Shelley said

    Sounds like your Sunday School class had a great discussion! I always enjoy a great discussion.

    Lucky girl getting all that yarn for such a cheap price! Lucky, lucky, lucky girl!

  2. Titine24 said

    Hey — we miss you – some of us check you every weekday for freshness — are you “sanctifying” yet? (Smile.) You must be burying yourself in tons of knitting progress — we need an update!!!

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