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“Oh, dear.” and other digressions

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 31, 2006

I want to knit this pattern:
Hedgehog Ooooh but I do. Those of you who have ridden in my car will know my hedgehog, Prickles. I imagine that makes maybe 1 of you. Hah. But I digress.
This was what he looked like when I got him. In 2001-2002.
Before spending 5(ish) North Texas Summers living in the dashboard of my car(s). He is my car buddy, you see?

Now, if anyone can give testimony to the detrimental effects of summer sun on…. anything, it’s Prickles. He’s faded to a brown-gray, and his underside is the color he was when new….. which is sad, really. His once-beigey-brown face is now more pink-beige – apparently beanie babies get sunburned too. Who knew? The oh-so-Precious Ty Tag has faded to solid white, but the inside is still legible, and the other tag (which is stitched into Prickles’ patootus) has also faded into obscurity. I would get a new Prickles, but it just wouldn’t be the same.

Use sunscreen. Thus endeth the lecture.

All this digression leads me to a love that dare not speak its name: underappreciated animals. I love underappreciated animals. Hedgehogs, porcupines, skunks, I love them. To be really honest, I need to say that I like pictures and little stuffed animals of them. Meeting up with them in the wilderness would probably not engender such a tenderness as I have for these generally not-liked members of God’s Kingdom. I have a meager collection of skunks (including, but not limited to Pepe le Pew, Penelope the Cat (not a skunk, but she WAS Pepe’s amour, and she had a white stripe down her back, so she counts- no, she does. Really.)), Flower (from Bambi), and a picture of a baby skunk from Big Bend National Park (in the bathroom. Ha.) I also have a little votive-holder in the shape of Flower that I found at a garage sale and that I truly believe will be worth money to someone, someday. That said, I’ll likely never part with it, because it’s FLOWER!!! I heart Flower. He’s so sweet.

Still, I totally want to knit the Lion Brand Hedgehog, but I do not have Fun Fur or Thick & Quick in the right colors, and I have FORBIDDEN myself to buy any more yarn until I use up some of what I have. The stash is getting just downright silly, people. Granted, my stash is nothing compared to some other knitters’ stashes (heck, I think Wendy has the equal of my stash in sock yarn)*, but for one woman living alone** in a 650 sq. foot apt – it’s getting a little ridiculous.

Besides, I think I’ve been feeding an obsession lately, with buying and hoarding that’s no bueno. I’m a hoarder, people. I like buying things, and having them, almost more than I like using them. I love buying books, but I have books that I haven’t read yet (and will likely buy more before I do read them), I have yarn out the waaaazooo and I keep finding new patterns that call for yarns I don’t have and so- uh-oh – I’ll just have to go buy more! Boo hoo. Yet the promised projects don’t get knitted and the yarn sits and I get another idea and I go buy more yarn to work on the project of This Week and….. this cycle, as you would imagine, is problematic. I have startitis.*** So I’m really going to have to buckle down and actually (gasp!) knit some stuff from my stash. Still, though. I really do want to knit the hedgehog. He’d be such a cute addition to my collection!!! Truly!
Maybe I’ll knit an acid-trip hedgehog in black Wool-Ease and Baby Blue and Sparkly White Fun Fur (which are some leftovers I have on hand****). Wouldn’t that be odd-looking.

* – No, really. She laid out her sock stash in this post and …. yeah, that really does just about make up the sum total of my stash (except in different colors and yarn weights, on my part). I had a tingle in my covet bone when I looked at all that delicious sock yarn. A TINGLE, I tellya.

** – in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I have a roommate hanging with me for a little while, while he gets some money things get all straightened out. Which is a dream come true for me, since I too have some money things to work out. It’s actually kind of nice. Having him as a roommie (he sleeps on the floor in the living room) has been pretty breezy. He folds up his bedding and sheet every day and stows it, and the pad thingy he sleeps on folds up into a little mini-chair-cushion – so it’s not like I even really notice his presence – he keeps his clothes in the front closet, and works like ALL the time. and his stuff is all very contained. It’s really only MY mess that’s everywhere – but that’s one of my projects for this weekend – Spring Cleaning.

*** – I didn’t know what startitis was until after I started knitting, but it’s true in a number of other areas of my life. I have Pandemic Startitis. Wowee. That almost sounds like an actual neurosis. Do they make a pill for that?

**** – see?! I do finish projects!! Otherwise I wouldn’t have LEFTOVERS, would I?


2 Responses to ““Oh, dear.” and other digressions”

  1. Shelley said

    That hedgehog is soooo cute! My brother would probably love it if I made that for him…he loved hedgehogs and he used to have 2 of them for awhile. Unfortunately they only live 2-3 years in captivity, so he no longer has them. He named them Gunther and Dexter.

    Maybe you could hold a contest for some of your yarn or donate it somewhere or something like that, thus you get rid of some of your stash and then you could buy new yarn! Just a suggestion ;o) lol.

  2. Wendy said

    Yes, hon, I agree. Use sunscreen!!! Your poor, discolored hedgehog is (non)living proof of the damaging effects our lovely TX sun can have on people’s (or inanimate objects) skin. I do think it is time for you to get a new car buddy and put poor Prickles out of his misery. We shall all mourn his passing… but I’m sure you will find happiness with your new car buddy!!! ;-)

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