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Knitting in Kalifornia

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 27, 2006

So I went to California for my vacation last week. I…. learned a lot while on vacation.

I learned that I can manage two large and heavy suitcases on the bus, and trolley system in San Diego all by myself and then also walk 3/4 mi from the bus stop to my hotel up a hill, over a highway and back down, if I really have to. (which I did). I learned that old shoes from Land’s End, while comfortable, are not good walking all day shoes.

I learned that I loves me a yarn crawl in a foreign city – I went to La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) and walked around for a whole day going to the yarnshops there. They also had two needlepoint shops that were right across the street from each other, which I thought was funny.


I bought some speckled sock yarn by Ja Woll at Helga’s Yarn Boutique, and then some absolutely gorgeous hand-dyed alpaca at Knitting in La Jolla. I also bought Pat Penney’s “Ramblin’ Rows” pattern and a ball of Opal sock yarn in colors guaranteed to delight the Apocalypse Queen– pinky-pink variegated. I just had this pink… need…. while there… I also bought a hot-pink Supergirl ballcap. Silly really. I don’t wear pink, like ever. But it called to me, so I bought it. It was fun. I also got a bag of Caron Simply soft to start knitting a baby afghan for my sister in law and their new addition – due around New Year, we think.

Speaking of my SIL, she’s a wicked temptress. She fixed me up a character in World of Warcraft and may I just say – how much fun is that game?!! I was trying to avoid playing World of Warcraft (hereinafter referred to as WoW), and just held off and held off, and now it’s got its fangs in… Heh. So I’ll likely be splitting some of my knitting and blogging time into WoW time too. Could I be any more of a nerd?

I probably could, but I’m not going to try right now. I haven’t got my Urkel laugh just right yet.

If you play WoW, look me up. My character name will be something related to knitting. Needlewool, or Knitwhit, or something. I don’t know yet for sure, but it’ll be something knitty.

Just saying.



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