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Cashmere wishes on a Red Heart Budget

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 27, 2006

I deeply desire this yarn. My birthday is coming up. Just sayin’.

And now for something sort of… else but still related!!! A piece of My Stash Enhancement from Cali! I did the math on this and I have about 787 yards of this – it’s Light DK weight Alpaca. Weeee!
Autumnal Alpaca 1

And…. my Stash Enhancement from my LYS!
Classic Elite Bravo

This is Classic Elite Bravo, a Bulky-weight silk & mohair blend. I have 1008 yards of this beautiful stuff, and NO IDEA what to make with it.. I want to do a shawl, but do I have enough yarn to maybe do a faroese in dropped stitch? or maybe an eyelet and garter-stitch, or something? I need ideas, people! This knits up to 3sts/in on a sz 11 needle, so please, please suggest something! Oh, but not ponchos. I’ve taken a no-poncho pledge. :D

So yeah, there I go. Oh, I’m also in the home stretch on Jaywalker 1. I got a vicious case of startitis while I was in California, and instead of being good and working on w-a-i-ps (Works already in progress), I started some whole new wips! I’m going on a Baby Afghan in Caron Simply soft, and I started two short-row, toe-up socks on 2 circulars – I’m gonna pull one off and just do them one at a time, though. It annoys me, this two socks at once thing. Can’t say why – I’m thinking it’s because I have 2 circs but they’re 2 short!! (ha!)

Anyway, yes. I’m blowing and going on no less than five (5) projects right now! Not to mention the dishcloths I do when I’m in a ‘can I just start and finish one thing tonight?’ mood. But I’m going to be going on Washcloth Hiatus.

If you play World of Warcraft, and you read my blog here, look me up. I’m called Knitwit, and I’m on Argent Dawn. If you play WoW, you know what that all just meant. :P If you don’t, that’s okay too.

Anyway, so I’m going to bed now. To dream about premium fiber and to find out what I need to make out of it. I’m going to dream SOMETHING up for the Bravo. I know I am. I really want to do a faroese shawl. I do. But I don’t want something afghan like to drape over me. At the same time, I don’t also want something cute, but just not quite long enough. So there’s my predicament. I’m not a designer. I’m more of a beginner with particular tastes. So someone please design something to my particular taste! :)

Goodnight, folks!


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