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Need some assistance, please

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 22, 2006

Hi there, dear readers. I have been surfing the web, looking for some awesome yarn to knit this shawl. It calls for 7 oz of fingering weight yarn. No problem, right? Well, Seraph(im) means ‘angel on fire’ or ‘fiery angel’ (loosely), or so my ABF teacher said. So I’m going with that, and with that in mind, I want to knit this shawl (which, if you can’t see it, looks like it has little feathers along the bottom of it), in a fiery blend of colors – red, organge, yellow – you know, fiery colors. The only colorway I’ve come across so far to fulfill this desire is Knitpicks Sock Garden Yarn in the Zinnia colorway, which is a lovely 100% merino wool fingering weight, and a reasonable price, too.

But I’m not done looking. So what you you knitters recommend for a fiery red fingering weight? Is there a brand you recommend? Is there a yarn hand-painter that you just live and breathe by? I like the idea of making this in wool, as (I’ll likely only be wearing this indoors, it just doesn’t get cool enough in TX to wear shawls outside – we have these great temperature swings – from inferno to icebox, but never happily medium.)

If you want to wear a shawl, you’d best consider wearing it under a coat, or just expect to be overwarm whilst wearing it out and about. That said, though, because it’s so hot outside, most establishments super-cool the indoors – gotta love those over-efficient air conditioners, so common to North Texas. So it’s usually a very brisk 60-70 degrees indoors, with a stiff breeze from the vents. This is not a problem when you’ve just come inside, b/c it feels nice. But after while, you get clammy and chilled, in which case a shawl is just the kind of ‘warm hug’ you need to get through the other 7 1/2 hours of your workday – I mean, what?

I’d like to knit this in a campfire-reminiscent shade – not just because I likes me a campfire, but because I think a shawl named Seraphim should really be the colors that its name represents.

Thoughts? Comments? Recommendations to find fiery colorways? I’ve Googled it and haven’t yet found one color or other that I was really just too enamored with… On another note, I’m not really completely committed to wool, either. I could do cashmere, or silk, if the color is just right.

So’s you know – the pattern calls for 7 oz of fingering weight yarn – which, if my handy-dandy conversion website is correct, then I will need 198 grams and a little bit. So 200 Grams oughta do a body good – I’d have just a little bit left over – a very little bit.


One Response to “Need some assistance, please”

  1. Titine24 said

    Help has arrived!! Maybe. I found this yarn on an Etsy shop list where I got some very adorable piggie knitting needles. Here is the URL. I thought the color was just as you described (or more accurately, what I imagined that you described), and she may be able to make a little extra to make your shawl its full size. If you don’t like it, I will buy it!!

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